How do you fine out the rotation cycle of a unit?

How do you fine out the rotation cycle of a unit in the army?


heh cant spell much tonight.. supposed to be find not fine

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    things like that are under opsec {operational security} you wont be able to find out. unless of course your a spouse, then the frg will keep you informed of unit activities and things going on w/the unit while deployed. your spouse will have a good idea as to when hell deploy, and you can more or less gauge it from when the redeployed from their last deployment.

    Source(s): us army infantry school instructor, us army nco 9 years
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  • 1 decade ago

    Probably won't because that would not maintian OPSEC, or operation security. In the event it got into the wrong hands. That units FRG (if your a spouse) should keep you informed. Information about movements, or deployments are only given when it is authorized.

    Source(s): Army
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