Uncanny X-men series?

Do Uncanny X-men and Astonishing X-men take place in alternate worlds? If not, how are they related?

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    Astonishing X-Men and Uncanny X-Men both take place in the same continuity. All of the characters exist in the same universe.

    Astonishing is a side story that avoids all of the crossovers and other events that impact Uncanny. It's meant to be new reader friendly and focuses on a small group of characters and story lines.

    Uncanny is the center of the X-verse with many characters coming and going and frequent crossovers and tie-ins.

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    3 years ago

    X-adult men #a million got here out in the ninety's, with the made over Blue and Gold communities. Uncanny nevertheless ran, yet i assume they have been lookin to convey a sparkling plot and characters and a diff set up with XMEN. so so a techniques as i be attentive to, I somewhat have #a million, it became like a number of different spin off, jim lee became in on it and xmen began the hot gritty very own xmen, alongside with new suits and separate team leaders: cyclops/typhoon. This became suitable after new mutants and bishops saga.

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