Italy And Somalia?!?!?!?

Ok, how long was Somalia under Italian Ruling, and if they were still in control does that mean that a person born in Somalian soil would be an Italian citizen? and is somalia better off being controled by italy?

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    Italy, Britain, and France all ruled different parts of Somalia. The France colonized part is now called Djibouti, and the Italian and British colonized parts both make up Somalia. The country gained independence in the 1960s and it was peaceful for some decades since the year of independence and things looked hopeful. However, like what happened to other countries that were recently given independence after colonization, tensions between different tribes turned into a full blown civil war. Before then, there were some coups against the government but there was no war.

    Somalia is not better off being controlled by anyone. That is imperialism and can be considered to be a form of racism or discrimination to justify a colonizing country's actions by saying that those colonized are incapable of ruling themselves.

    Somalia will always have these conflicts no matter who is ruling them. During the time of colonization, Somalis fought desperately with their lives to fight off the European colonialists. Galgayo is a city whose meaning represents Somalis feelings of that time. Mohamed Abdullah Hassan gave his life for his country and people and that's why he is considered a hero to us.

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    Somalia hasn't been well off since the days of tribal rule. They've been host to a huge number of overlords, none of which were very benevolent. Was it peaceful? Only in the sense of you get loud you get dead. Better off when the people of Somalia can govern themselves effectively.

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