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Question for BNP supporters (and anyone else): Would you kick me out of the UK?

My parents were born in Pakistan, I was born in the UK.

My Great-Great-Grandfather served in the British Indian Army in WW1, 2 of his sons went on to serve in the British Indian Army in WW2. My Great-Grandfather fought in the 4th Infantry Division in Tunisia and the second battle of Monte Cassino.

When people in the UK ask me "Where are you from?" Since I have a londoner's accent I assume they are asking about my ethnic heritage, and I say "Pakistan". I still consider myself British.

I swear no allegiance to the queen. Never will. I think it's ridiculous giving your allegiance to a Monarch, I care more about the people. If France invaded Dover tonight I would want to defend Britain.

I discourage anyone from inciting violence against the British people or anyone in general.

If you BNP folks came into power would you be generous enough to let me stay?

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    Mate, if you work, pay taxes and obey the rules I don't care where your folks come from, what religion you practice or what colour your skin is. Makes not the slightest difference to me. A couple my uncles were in the 8th Army in North Africa, don't know which division, they never spoke about it, but they said enough for me to know that it was not somewhere they would ever have been if it had not been to serve the country. Sincere and honest respects to your forebears for serving. Bravery does not recognise race.

    The BNP would 'encourage' anyone of different colour or faith to leave the country. So in short, you'd be 'encouraged.' If you want to know what that means in practice, you'll need to find a BNP member who will tell you honestly what it means.... good luck with that.

    But just so you know, I got an email from one who proclaims his membership of the party on everything he ever says on here, which basically stated 'If we get into power, all the Muslims and non-whites are going home.' He then had the brass neck to suggest that this would benefit me so I should vote for them. My response mentioned that I had not yet had the lobotomy required to vote for a right wing bunch who think every problem can be cured by kicking out all the immigrants no matter how long they've been here.

  • I am becoming more supportive of the BNP, though to be honest, don't know much about their ethics other than what we hear in the papers (which I think is probably untrue).

    I have many friends that have different coloured skin, and I am not racist, though do believe in a better Britain, with a totally different prospective.

    My views may be different - I don't know as yet, from the BNP, but yes, I think you deserve a place here.

    I'm not for an all white society, though neither am I for cities full of half castes living off benefits and dealing drugs on the streets. All I want is for Britain to be great again, and that's going to take some changing.

    It wouldn't be generousity that would make me decide whether or not you could stay here - just fairness and a certain sense of logic.

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    By saying you where born in the UK & are British, i know you must be Asian or an Immigrant,

    You where born in England & you are English, but Asian people and the Immigrant coumnity will always say they are British, which can mean anything these days, ( it really means nothing )

    British National,

    British Passport Holder,

    British Citizen,

    I don't agree with the BNP, What does the B stand for in BNP?

    British ( see what i mean, the word British is becoming a dirty word )

    Also the UK is not a Country, but a Union of England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland altogether. ( but we are not very United everyone wants Independence )

    I am of English heritage & proud,

    like you are being of, Pakistan heritage

    Source(s): I would not kick you out of England, the BNP does not speak for the English alone, but all the British people, ( who ever they are, maybe you more than i, because i don't see myself as British 1st )
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    I'm an aussie and i don't really know about the BNP but you sound alright so you can stay.

    You're welcome.

    Having said that, we have to admit that immigrant groups from less developed societies do often bring problems with them. If we shout racism every time someone brings up this point then it prevents these problems from being dealt with. There has to be some balance in the matter, otherwise racist groups are the inevitable result as people start to take matters into their own hands when they are not dealt with by state institutions who are afraid of being racist.

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    i too am in your situation - born in britain with pakistani born parents. if BNP came into power i dont see why i or you would have to leave. my great grandfather also served in the army, his brother was a POW in a japanese camp. my grandfather came here when he was very young and he brought my dad here. my grandad worked very hard for years just like many other grandfathers regardless of colour. my dad had an education here and he has been paying tax for nearly 50 years of his life...ive got every right to be in this country. before i started university, i did a gap year in which i made money and paid taxes. i abide by the law and i havent got a criminal record, i see multicultrualism as key to sucess and thats one thing which i absoluetly love about britain. ive got every right to live in this country just as much as a white/black/yellow (etc) person has and so do you my friend

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    People like you and your family are what makes the UK great, your family have sacrificed for this country and you sound like a level headed person.

    I agree with you that the idea of giving your allegiance to the monarchy is old fashioned and out dated.

    If people ask you were are you from, this says more about them than you. Some people automatically think that because you are a different colour or dress differently you must be from another country. More fool them.

    I don't support the BNP and I never will however if we want a future for this society we need all types of people to make the society work.


  • As a second generation "immigrant", they would be hassling you with a grant to leave the country of your own free will. Your parents may be forced to leave.

    The BNP are a bunch of barbarians, with very little hope of achieving their aims. I wish you well in your life and congratulate you on having such a proud family history. I don't feel any great need to say "you are welcome here", as to be honest I feel that you and many like you neither need to ask for nor need anyone's consent to feel that you belong.

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    BNP are racist thugs they would kick you out

    However dont be worried as the possibility of them getting to power is so low is not worth mentioning

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    I am not a supporter of the BNP a party who I feel are greatly misunderstood. People unfairly compare them to the Nation Front where in my opinion there is no comparison. I respect your views and all those of foreign origin who all are prepared to fight for the country that supports them. Its the people from whatever race or religion who travel abroad to join an organisation to fight Britain and its troops who should be kicked out

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    The British people are a very tolerant people and are happy to live and let live. But what we are fed up with is when those who chose to come and live here because of that reason and the freedom of choice, they then go out of their way to challenge everything we believe in and our very way of life and wish to drag us down to the barbaric level they have supposedly fled from. If you are truly British, then you have nothing to worry about; have you?

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