Halo 3 clan recruitment!?

Hey i need more players in my clan. Its probably the most fun clan to be in and we even have our own tournaments! Ok so we have about 7 people in my clan and i need 16. We are in the same clan but we have 4 different teams/squads. In each team there is 4 people and we play our own tournaments battling out each other for fun. In the tournaments of course its custom games but with MLG default maps and weapons. It is so fun and you can even play objective games as well. The winning team of the tournament gets to choose and decide between themselves what the emblem and team name is. But at the start i will be choosing the names and what the emblems are like. So you gotta play well to get your team to win!!! We also have team captains and it is decided who is captain like this:

In each team there must be one captain only. Each team will play a free for all. Whoever wins gets to be the team captain for the time until the next tournament finishes. When that tournament finishes, each team will play another free for all game and whoever wins is the captain and so on and so on.

If anyone has any questions please answer this. If you want to be in the clan you MUST put down your gamertag as an answer. If ANYONE is looking at this but doesn't have a yahoo! answers account please feel free to message me on my gamertag: L0RD GR0NK (each of the o's are numbers.

If there is anyone who has more ideas on the clan, please feel free to criticize REASONABLY on this post.

Thanks anyone who is interested.

PLEASE NOTE: this clans name is called: Th3 Untitled. The reason why i called it this is because i couldnt think of a name :) if anyone has any ideas please put them down as an answer :)



OMG sorry this is only for people who are interested in my clan im starting up a web page and yours looks abit crummy oh and by the way my clan offers a 100% guarantee that everyone in my clan will get to 50. All we have to do is play MLG and ill teach everyone some free lessons :)

Update 2:

PLEASE NOTE: There is a form you will have to sign but you dont have to answer everything from it :) This is what the form looks like:

Hey i just need you to sign the form here you dont have to sign everything thanks :)

First Name:

Email Address:


Country (currently living in):

Favourite game:

Halo 3 Rank (Eg. Gunnery Sergeant):

Halo 3 Skill (current):

Other Gamertags:

Days you are mostly on:

City you are currently living in:

Internet Status (Please put an X next to one of these options):




Thats all Thanks,

Marcelo. Th3 Untitled Manager.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes i am willing to join.send me an email @ adampilko15@hotmail.com with the information i need to do

  • 4 years ago

    you no what i might try out because my clan has stoped playing halo 3 or got a new gamer tag or they dont have xbox live right now so this week i might not be able to tryout because i have baseball and finals coming up so soon i will. my gamer tag is momo32791 . Check out my stats and send me a message on xbox live if you like my stats and want me to try out. One more thing are you a game battles Clan?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No. Join mine.

    I am in a very good clan called 'The Dogz'. We have 146 members and we would love you to join too ;).


    Read the topic ;).

    Hope i helped ;).


  • 1 decade ago

    Orthodox Fox is my tag, if there is still room hit me up.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i guess i will play it. My Gamertag is usmcwellens

  • 1 decade ago

    name it the 16 cortanas :L

    xXx Matt xXx

  • 1 decade ago

    nah man just thing it..and then GUY it

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