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Fake pictures of Jesus Christ?

Where did all these images and fake pictures of blue eyed Jesus come from?If the bible or the disciples that spent years with Jesus did not describe His facial look,who are the people making up fake and false images of Jesus Christ?

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    Good question, and has no one ever considered the graven image commandment either?

    One can conclude, by His heritage, that Jesus was olive skinned, as others in that area of the world are.

    There are some extra-Biblical sources, purportedly written by James the disciple, that describes Jesus as fair haired. Now I have been in the middle east, and have found that indeed some olive skinned people do indeed have blond hair, but this is not to say that the source is valid.

    Basically, it does not matter, it is Jesus' nature, that of Son of God that draws us to Him, not the way He looked, and people who bow down to images of God break the Commandment against idolatry, God will not hold them blameless for it

    A prophesy of Jesus as found in Isaiah 53:2 : For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, [there is] no beauty that we should desire him.

    He wasn't a pretty boy, neither are we attracted to him by physical beauty, but by His Spirit.

    Source(s): The Word of God
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    Photos Of Jesus Christ

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    "Fake" is such a harsh word.

    People throught time have made pictures (paintings, etc)

    of our Lord,... but not to intentially create fakes, but to see him

    in our own image.

    In these cases it is done out of love, and not to

    say that any particular race is better or above another.

    The original Jesus was Jewish and so he must have had Jewish


    In Germany they'll paint him as a German,

    in Latin America (and Mexico) they'll paint him as an Hispanic,

    in Africa they'll draw him as black,

    in Asia I'm sure there are images of an Asian Jesus.

    Hope you liked my answer.

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    All pictures of Jesus are fake, nobody alive knows how Jesus looks.

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    EVERY picture of Jesus is fake. They didn't have Polaroids back then and Jesus couldn't afford a portrait. But people like illustrations.

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    as jesus is a mythological character, all pictures of him are necessarily inventions of the imagination. Obviously artists could only imagine a jesus that looked much like they did themselves

    [and yes, Michaelangelo WAS catholic - up until around the time he died, ALL christians were catholic because the Protestant movement only began a few years before his death.]

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    Since there weren't any cameras back then, all pictures of Jesus are representations, or "fake," as you so monosyllabically put it.

    If you are an English speaker, then the brown-haired, blue eyed Jesus pix you saw are artists' ideas about how they picture Jesus. Every society and race pictures Him in ways that they can best understand.

    I've seen Black Jesuses and Asian Jesuses and Hispanic Jesuses.

    Of course Jesus was Jewish. He probably looked like what most Middle Eastern men look like today: dark hair, dark eyes, dark complexion.

    What He looked like isn't as important as who we understand Him to be.

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    Jesus really looked kinda like this, maybe younger because he was in his thirties when he was crucified:

    he looked like an average guy, but he spoke with authority and worked miracles, so people were drawn to him.

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    why would they describe his appearance when they had pictures in the form of drawings to go by? your theory.....all people in history have no image, and every picture is fake.....even the drawings of the deer on cave walls.....who told them what a deer looked like? did this

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    Human nature.

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