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What is YOUR Definition of a "Wrestler"?

This is Because of All the "Who is the Best Wrestler? And Why?" or Anything of that Nature , Questions.

Those Questions are Incredibly Difficult to Answer , because the Definition of "Wrestler" is SO Vast.

What are We Actually Asking? - Best Wrestling Wrestler (i.e. Bryan Danielson)? , Best Sports Entertainment Wrestler (i.e. Randy Orton)? Best Pure Wrestler (i.e. Shelton Benjamin)? What?

The Criteria Needs to be Curtailed to Fit a Specific Definition.

Basically , When You Answer these Types of Questions , What is Your Criteria as to What a "Wrestler" is? How does it Affect Your Answer?

Personally , I can't Even Answer these Questions because The Range & Spectrum is Much too Open to Debate. If I do Answer , I have to give at least 3 Separate Answers to Fit 3 Different Definitions of "Wrestler".

Your Thoughts on This?



*EDIT* - _J_...

Wrestling Wrestler = Advanced Knowledge of Professional Wrestling Holds , Maneuvers , etc... + Great In-Ring Psychology.

Pure Wrestler = Has Legit (Collegiate or Olympic) Wrestling Expierence. Like Benjamin , Swagger , Angle , etc...

Sorry , I couldn't think of a Better Name for "Wrestling Wrestler" at the Time.

My Bad...

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    For me, the best wrestler doesn't neccisarily have to be have the best pure wrestling ability. There is a ton of things to consider, and actual wrestling, for better or for worse, is only one aspect of it. That's why you can't choose Shelton Benjamin in the "best wrestler" category.

    I think that for someone to be classified as the world's best wrester, first and foremost, they have to wrestle for a major promotion, namely WWE or TNA. I know that all of the hardcore independant fans won't agree with that statement at all, but it's the truth. Take your example of Bryan Danielson. True, he's a fantastic wrestler, but he can't land a job in the best promotion. Why? He's clearly a better wrestler than John Cena, but Cena is a huge star in WWE. The difference is that Cena has tremendous charisma, mic skills, storytelling ability and a great presence.

    Then you have guys like Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, William Regal and Finlay. All are obviously very talented wresters and in-ring technicians, but aside from Benoit winning the WHC once, none of them progressed much past the mid-cards. Again, while they all worked or are working in WWE, they lacked, or lack, that X-Factor that sets someone like John Cena or Triple H apart.

    After working in a top promotion, you have to be able to talk on the mic. That is just so important. Honestly, a lack of mic skills are the only thing holding Shelton Benjamin back right now. MVP can talk, Shelton can't so MVP gets the push.

    Wrestling ability is probably next, but it has to be the right kind of wrestling skills. Sure, Dean Malenko is a god to hardcore wrestling fans, but to the average fan, he's boring. A star wrestler has to have an entertaining move-set that can keep the crowd involved over the course of an entire match. Plus, they have to have a dynamic and exciting finisher. Look at Cody Rhodes. The DDT? How original...

    Also, a great wrestler has to be able to wrestle different styles and work with people who don't always compliment the way they like to compete. A main event guy should be able to work a standard match, a technical match, a hardcore match, work fast, go slow if the situation calls for it, basically whatever is needed.

    Calculating all of the above up, I have three picks for a "best" wrestler:

    1) Shawn Michaels: To me, Shawn is the complete package. He can do everything in the ring, he can pull of a classic with anybody, he can tell a story, he can just do it all.

    2) Edge: Edge is a close second behind HBK. He's exciting, he's unpredictable, the fans just despise him, he's got a terrific move-set and he's proven many times over that he's a great champion and can work any type of match and make it memorable. Very few people are better at putting a feud together than Edge.

    3) Kurt Angle: The obvious pick. He's not working with WWE, which is why I didn't rank him higher, but he's a great heel, has better wrestling ability than anyone on the planet and is excellent on the mic. I can't wait until he comes back to WWE.

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    A Wrestler Is A Guy Who Get's In The Ring And Uses The Technical And The Summisions Have Alotof Holds

    And Can Wrestle You In Anytipe Of Match

    An Entertainer Is A Guy Who Get's In The Ring But Is Not Very Good And He Uses Always The Same Moves

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    I go strictly on technical wrestling which would be defined by the category of Bryan Danielson, Chris Jericho, and Shelton Benjamin.

    What's the difference between wrestling wrestler and pure wrestler?

    Edit: Oh, that makes more sense.

    Also, to refine my answer I would actually take Shelton out. Although he's great in the ring, he can't work a crowd well so I wouldn't put him on the list. My best wrestlers need to be masters of execution and selling, charismatic within the ring in order to tell a story, and can use the crowd to thrive in a match. Also, I'm a lover of technical and submission style wrestling so I will usually be biased towards these and often qualify them as the best wrestlers instead of people who have done very well in their own style meaning I would pick Tyson Kidd over Evan Bourne because the prior is more mat style than high-flying and the latter is vice versa.

  • A Person able to have the Charisma, Ability and Psychology to Wrestle. He must Preform flawlessly, Execute Moves Perfectly and Always be One step a Head of the Game.

    My Criteria:

    As I just Stated above, but to Give a Standard Rule of what a Wrestler should be is, They should be able to transition them selves when the Situation calls for It, Able to Have Great In-Ring Psychology meaning to know how to work the Crowd & Your opponent. Preform to the best of your ability, Execute Moves perfectly and Smoothly without Minor Bothces.

    How does it Affect My Answer ?

    Minor Influence, My Criteria of what a Wrestler should be and My Personal Opinion of what a Wrestler should be is both The Same, It at least shows that I'm not being biased Toward one side than the Other, I give Wrestlers the Proper respect and Judge fairly, but Soley on their Wrestling Ability.

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    Since the only wrestling I watch is WWE & TNA, I'd say my definition is the Sports Entertainment Wrestler. To be a great Sports Entertainment wrestler I think you have to have a little bit of everything. Such as ring skill, mic skills, charisma, etc.

    So usually when I hear the best wrestler, I think of people who have the whole package, Edge, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton (who by the way was awesome last night), Cena, and others.

  • Great question. I would say, someone who is the whole package. Shawn Michael's is always my answer to this question. He has it all. Charisma, Wrestling ability, Heart, Passion, and so much more...basically, Everything that a Wrestler should be. Plus, he's always been my favorite. He naturally is always the answer to that question. He's a Wrestler and an Entertainer. Chris Jericho is the whole package too. They are both amazing on the mic, in the ring, know how to entertain and get to the fans (heel and face), they are everything a Pro-Wrestler should be, plus more.

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    I just think of both an entertainer and at the same time just someone who really knows what they're doing in the ring and shows their abilities.

    When I'm asked this question, I think about who is a great in-ring worker and who has great wrestling abilities, especially technical. I always put Bret Hart as my answer when I'm asked who the best wrestler ever is. His technical wrestling skills are unparalleled and he always put whoever he was wrestling with over and helped elevate their status. He could have a phenomenal match no matter who he was working with.

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    A wrestler (noun)-1. a person willing to put his or her body on the line to entertain people and put bread on the table at the same time. 2. An entertainer competing in a high impact activity, appearing to be real. 3. Someone that suspends reality and leaves his/her fans begging for more.

    Pl. Wrestlers, also see Wrestling, Wrestle.

    Wish I had more, but that's I could come up with

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    This is my definition of a wrestler. A wrestler is an athlete who performs his talent with outstanding craft. Now that craft can go from a range to executing maneuvers to precision in all wrestling aspects.

    Now asking what is my criteria of what a wrestler is?

    Exactly what I explained above, but I will elaborate. My criteria is someone who can execute their moves in great form. Which means not "botching" and landing it perfectly. This also goes to how they use their particular style meaning how they use and move to their style of wrestling (e.g.: Technical, Powerhouse, etc).

    How does this affect my answer?

    Well my answer goes to show that I'm not biased to whichever style it is. I judge who the "better" wrestler is by craft, form, and other features. Height, character (i.e.: gimmick), style does not affect my choice for whoever I pick. That's how I keep it.

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    In "pro wrestling", if a wrestler wants to be successful he would desire to have the following things-

    the strength (which doesn't only include physical but also mental toughness to put on a persistently "energetic" performance)

    most preferable combination would be technical/mat skills combined with flexibility.

    Now that^ would be a wrestler's most desired "strength"

    the skills below I would put in the category of additonal/bonus skills=

    presence appeal or/ charisma which you call it.

    = in bigger promotions you could need to work on the mic so thats a sub category of your charisma.

    On the basis of above criteria:

    just try to fit in the following wrestlers in any of those categories and you would be able to make an idea of what a complete wrestler is about ==

    =Shawn Michaels

    =Kurt Angle

    =Bret Hart

    =cHRIS jericho


    =Eddie Guerrero

    hope i helped!

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