How do you connect to a pc using a cmd?

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i have the ip address and my friend told me a way better way other than telnet but i forgot the command please tell me in you know
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Wtf? Telnet is the only command transportation method you could use, you could aquire it with NETSH but you're saying "how do I connect to a pc", what on earth are you talking about? Obviously this cannot be done through telnet nor any 'command' unless the PC you're wanting to get into has set it up as to.

Use a remote desktop program to gain control, if you own the PC and you can further just use something like a VNC, such as UltraVNC which could provide further control over remote desktop.
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  • Jim Maryland answered 5 years ago
    Have you tried mstsc (Remote Desktop)?

    If you are talking about a Linux/UNIX system, try using PuTTY (download required) for a secure shell connection.
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  • deepa answered 5 years ago
    on command prompt you can type mstsc and press enter. a window should pop up and type the ip address of your machine.

    you can use telnet.
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  • Serge H answered 5 years ago
    You can't. Windows just sucks too much. You can do it it in a jiff in *nix (including MacOSX), but not so with Windows!

    You have to use crappy Remote Desktop and stuff.
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