poll:what makes you angry?

lets see:

when people act mean like jerks or watever it creases my temper to 500' degrees!!! i hate it when people get in bad additudes and take it out on other people too:)but wat makes u angry?

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    So many things,

    -When stupid people block an entire, corwed isle @ the grocery store to have a reunion with an old friend.



    -Judgmental teachers who take more time being arrogant, making the student feel like a fool rather then actually doing their job.


    -Homophobic people

    -The KKK

    -Girls who think they're hot sh*t but really they look like morons who have "whore classifieds" written on their foreheads. Aka, the obvious slut who knows it, yet calls everyone else a whore.

    -D-bags with dark, fake tans, spiky hair, & the John Gotti look.

    -D-bags with hot girlfriends

    -D-bags who think they can walk in front of anyone in line.

    -D-bags who chew their gum so loudly, it echo's through my skull enough to hear the saliva stretching between chomps.

    -Morons who let their young kids run out in the road, threw the mall, & in parking lots.Yet when their kid is hurt or missing, they cry about it.

    -People who let their kid sit on the escalator at the mall.

    -Spoiled people

    -The average high school jock who's in front of you in 11th grade volleyball, & you miss the ball, & they flip bat sh*t on you like they make a big contribution to the earth. It's just a game moron.

    -Those rich, fully polish parents who you see picking up their kid at school, or at a school function, yet they say nothing to anybody, act stone cold, emotionless & have their nose so far in the air you could see their last thought. (I'm a little Polish so I can rant about this & get away with it.)

    -People could can't speak English at Wal-Mart or food places.

    -School forcing people to learn Spanish for all the immigrants who come to America, you're coming to America, you learn the language, as I would if I wanted to move to Mexico.



    -Overly obsessed soccer moms

    -little 13 year olds that smoke because it looks cool

    -pregnant 13 year old's, & their parents.

    -Closed minded people

    -Overly loud teens, that yell random things on purpose for a laugh even though they are obviously stupid.

    -People who get random tattoo's for no reason

    -People who stare.

    -People ask you for the time everyday at work, when there is a clock right on their desk.

    -Overly angry mom's who email Family Guy & Kevin Smith just because of their pointless, irrelevant opinion.

    -The Jonas Brothers for having no more talent then breathing in oxygen

    -Hannah Montana for starting a clone of underage prostitutes.

    -People who can't cook but brag that they could.

    -People who have nothing in their lives & no experience at all telling other's how to do things.



    -Women on Maury who slept with 15 guys & counting looking for a father for her kid.

    -Teen whores on Maury & their lame mother's who would have better luck slapping their kid in the mouth next time she smarts off rather then crying.




    -Teen emo's.

    -Star Jones.

    -Over exaggerated cursing during a regular non angry sentence.

    -Today's Tv

    -The head-on commercial

    -The Petagree commercial, if I wanted to hear an amplified, dog's mouth chomping on a bone I'd buy a dog & follow it around with my face against it's head.

    -People who don't shut their dogs up, leaving their dog outside all day/night barking like hell when they obviously hear it.

    -Spell check--maybe I want to spell things wrong.

    -Hitting your elbow on anything.


    -People in the mall running to only slow down once they get in front of you.

    -Women who bring their kid who's still in diapers to a public pool, letting pieces of the diaper fall off, & not do anything about it.



    -Turning the other cheek.


    -People who can't answer questions with opinionated answers, only bible verses.

    -The wrapper on Slim-jim's


    -Fancy restaurants who frown upon you for asking for ketchup

    Source(s): ....I'm actually very shy.
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  • Amy
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    4 years ago

    Wallah you are an agent of Evil. A Sufyani pretending to be a Muslim. Fear the day when you will to account for the Fitna you created by giving a lie to the Holy Quran. Are you not aware of Ayat-e-Mubhila 3:61, Ayat-e-Mawaddat 42:23 and Ayat-e-Tatheer 33:33 revealed for the The Five Purified ones, who are: Prophet Mohammad Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib Syeda Fatima az-Zehra Imam Hasan ibn Ali Imam Hussain ibn Ali Muslims (Sunni, Shia and Sufi) love the Ahl ul Bayt. You are from the wahabi/salafi deviant cult who hate the Blessed Prophet SAW.

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  • fran
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    1 decade ago

    When kids have girlfriends or boyfriends!

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  • Anonymous
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