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How do you heal period cramps?

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You can't really heal them as it is basically muscle spasms that need to happen in order for you to bleed, but you can take things like Midol or Advil, you can go for a walk, take a nice hot bath or use a heating pad! Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!
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  • Carrie answered 6 years ago
    I found something that was probably heaven-sent lol. It helps me so much, maybe it will help you. I buy raspberry leaf tea (not just rapberry tea is has to be raspberry LEAF tea) and i put 2 bags in one cup and it cures my moderate-severe menstrual cramping (in about 20 minutes).

    I usually take it when I start feeling slight cramping. I end up drinking 4 cups a day sometimes. It's a pleasant tea.

    However, I only buy this tea from Raley's: http://www.gnc.com/product/index.jsp?pro...

    I don't know if others will help..this tea is an infussion and has to steep for 10-15 minutes not like other teas.
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  • Moose answered 6 years ago
    You can't "heal" them, I'm afraid - they're not an injury, so they don't take healing, as per se. Take some codine - or whatever a good powerful on-the-shelf painkiller is where you live, something better than paracetamol - and hold a hot water bottle (or, ideally, one of those hot lavender bags) to the painful area. I hope you feel better soon!
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  • Cheergirl answered 6 years ago
    you can lay off the salt, drink plenty of water and no caffeine, eat chocolate :) (but that causes acne), eat healthy :( , hot baths,
    ibuprofen, bananas, lay a hot water bottle on your tummy, gentle massage, and if your at school you can go to the little girls room and get a hot damp paper towel and sit down with it on your lower abdomen then go back to class....

    hope you feel better soon, take care.


    <3 Gracie <3


    expierience, the body book: american girl, and proof
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  • ☮Nat ‏ answered 6 years ago
    Hi there,
    I have read that it helps if you stroke over where the pains over and have a lie down but if your in class just stroke your stomach.
    Hope this helps.
    Email anytime at:
    Natalie x
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  • How do you heal period cramps?
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