If i have 251 points and i ask a question (-5) points do i lose level 2 status?

i have 251 points and just reacehd level 2.

Also if i post two questions..for example:

"Do you like to eat marshmellows?"

Does that count as two question and do i lose 10 points??

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  • Lew
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Any level depends entirely on your points total. For Level 2 you need 250 points, below 250 points is Level 1 and back to the limitations of the level. (ask 5 questions, answer 20 questions, and 20 votes, you will also lose the right to rate answers until you have 250 points again.)

    It is only one question and will cost you 5 points but unless you are posting it in Polls & Surveys, it's likely to be reported and deleted. (more points lost)

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes 251 - 5= 246 points. meaning you go back to level 1

  • Nope, you only lose 10 points if you were to ask the question SEPARATE!

    Yes, if you do not have 250 points you are not on level 2.

  • Kirby
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Yes you do it is weird.

    Weird fact: if you lose all your points (0) then you are a level 0 weird.

    Yes if you for some reason post it twice.

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  • ruple
    Lv 4
    3 years ago

    you want a finished of 250 factors to get to the subsequent point, point 2. you have a finished of ninety factors, you may desire to earnings yet another a hundred and sixty factors to get there. you may opt for perfect answer on your very own questions and vote for solutions to not sure questions at point a million, even your very own, yet you have to be on point 2 to fee solutions (thumb up /down). the perfect thank you to earnings factors and better levels is to respond to and vote on your decrease every day, regardless of point you're on. flow to every day - a million element On point a million you may ask 5 questions, answer 20 questions, and vote 20 situations every day. answer on your decrease every day - 2 factors each answer - 20 solutions - 40 factors desire for some perfect solutions - 10 factors each perfect answer plus a million element for each thumbs up on an ideal answer (maximum 50 factors) Vote on your decrease every day - a million element each vote - 20 votes - 20 factors in case you ask a question, -5 factors, %. an ideal answer, you get 3 factors back. Answering and balloting on your decrease every day can earnings you a conceivable sixty one factors earlier counting any perfect solutions you may receive. you may locate all of the tiers and factors required utilising the link or via clicking your avatar to get on your profile internet site and clicking the blue ? beside "finished factors".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes you go back down a level

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