"I'll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you"...?

Good afternoon, R&P :)

I know this has been asked before, but... what the heck!

Have you ever just sat down with a song or album by one of your favourite bands, that you haven't listened to for ages, and found yourself struck all over again by just why you fell in love with them?

Yep, it just happened to me!

Despite being in the midst of going through the first thee Rainbow albums, I suddenly decided to listen to the 3 versions of Fleetwood Mac's 'Silver Springs' {album, single, & outtake}. And there I was... virtually on the floor... the lyrics, the vocals, the musical arrangement... pure class(ic)!


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MQ : What band / artist and album / song was it for you, and when?

MQ 2 : now playing?

Bonus :

This song was originally only released as the b-side to 'Go Your Own Way', and I consider that apt due to the lyric "I'll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you. You'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loved you". And what with all the back and forth between Lindsey and Stevie on the rest of "Rumours"...

BQ : Any other bands where members aimed songs at each other on an album?

BQ 2 : Any other examples of one being a b-side to another?

NP : 'Tarot Woman' ~ Rainbow

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    Hiya, Silver :)

    I think we may have discussed this before, but "Silver Springs" is one of my favorites by Fleetwood Mac. Part of it is the very line you quote. I think, in life, we often forget that those we leave behind or who leave us can haunt us. For me, it's always something small like the sound of their voice, or the tilt of their head, or the shape of their hands. And I am, truly, haunted by many.

    I loved the video clip--the images of Mick and Stevie were great--he's so big, and she's so small. Fun stuff.

    So, on to the question. I recently fell back in love with an album I used to listen to obsessively. I like the artist plenty, but I had forgotten why I fell in love with this particular album. It's Jethro Tull's "Songs from the Wood," and the specific song is, "Fire at Midnight." I had heard plenty of Jethro Tull before I met my husband, but I had somehow missed "Songs from the Wood," and I was delighted by the entire album. "Fire at Midnight" quickly became my favorite track, and I would drive my then boyfriend, now husband to distraction listening to it over and over again. I like it because the lyrics paint such a strong picture in my head, and because I think it's one of the best true love songs ever written. It's simple, it's not flowery, it's just perfect.

    So, what's playing right now? I'll give you one guess :) I've been listening to that track alone for several days now. I'll tire of Ian eventually, and move on, but he's it right now.


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    Right now I cannot think of other bands where members aimed songs at one another like darts. I can think of plenty of songs written as memorials for former band members, or for close friends in other bands, but those were all done with love. The stuff on "Rumours" doesn't sound very loving. And I for certain cannot think of two which were flip-sides to one another on a single.

    When I speak of song which are memorials, I'll just point out Ian Curtis of Joy Division. OMD, The Cure, U2, and New Order are just some of the bands which have written memorial songs to him. When taken as a whole, the Ian Curtis memorial songs are sad, but they also speak of love and respect and regret at someone so young choosing to leave. And since New Order is made up of what was left of Joy Division, I guess you could say that songs like "Elegia" are aimed at another member of the band, but "Elegia" is a memorial song for someone who is gone, and who would not feel the sting if the song were something other than kind.


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    Oh dear, I'm rambling. I guess it's time to stop.

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    Silver Spring is a great song with an interesting message.

    Have you ever watched closely the video from their reunion tour of their performance of this song? Did you notice the way Stevie Nicks was looking at Lindsey Buckingham?

    Watch the video I have attached and notice the "evil eye" at the 2:43 mark. She continues to look at him afterward. Lyndsey know she's looking but is simply trying to look forward. Lindsey plays a wonderful solo, he's great on the acoustic guitar. She continues to look at him. At the 4:20 mark it's Stevie and Lyndsey looking at each other in their own world all the way to the end of the song. I wonder what's going through their mind? There alot of "history" there. Some good, some bad.

    Do you agree with my assessment of this video? Or has Mr. Bernstein's imagination went wild, again? LOL...


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    Hiya Wolfie! Happy Tuesday!

    I love Silver Springs, it has such great lyrics that are sung with such emotion by Stevie Nicks, it's fantastic. I'm glad to see You getting into Rainbow too, I'd have to say Blackmore's Rainbow is My favorite out of the Albums You're in right now, although I'd say most People would say Rising was best.

    MA: The last older Album to really floor Me like what You're describing that I hadn't heard in awhile was probably Deep Purple In Rock, what an amazing Album. I could listen to songs like Child In Time and Flight Of The Rat a million times and not get tired of them. Right now though I'm too busy digesting the incredible epicness of Therion's Lepaca Kliffoth which I just got.

    MA2: Evocation Of Vovin - Therion

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    Good Afternoon,

    Actually, that song "Silver Springs" is one of the songs that I played over and over during a very recent (and extremely painful) breakup just this fall.

    Unfortunately, most of my collection I have had to re-build yet again due to many moves and some unfortunate circumstances in the past few years, so I don't have a very large cd collection at all.

    The most recent song that I heard that made me miss having the cd in my collection is "Almost Hear You Sigh" a great very underrated Rolling Stones song from "Steel Wheels" which is actually a really good cd from them, and now I need to go buy another copy

    BA: "How Do You Sleep" which of course John Lennon wrote for Paul McCartney while the Beatles were breaking up.

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    I recently got a gift certificate ~ and got to choose where from (lots of choices...). After much thought I got it for Amazon because I'd been wanting to replace my vinyl and cassette Supertramp collection.

    I already had Paris on CD, but just received Crime of the Century, Breakfast in America, Crisis? What Crisis, and Even in the Quietest Moments.

    I've only had time to listen to Crime of the Century and have Breakfast in America in the player now... and to answer your question: YES!!! I mean I *know* B in A was played *to death* on the radio way back when... but I'd forgotten how much I liked it and how great the songs were on it.

    The sax parts on The Logical Song, the lyrics to Goodbye Stranger, the sadness of realizing things are not always what you expect in Gone Hollywood, and realizing too late what lasts and what doesn't in Take the Long Way Home.

    It's a gem. I can't wait for my ride home to listen to it again.

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    Good afternoon/morning, Wolfie :)

    That has happened to me before. It's not always one of my favorite bands, but every now and then I'll dig deep into my collection and pull out something that I haven't heard in ages and be dumbstruck by how much I enjoy the album. Then I kick myself in the rear for waiting so long in between listens. Two of the more recent ones for me were

    Prong- Prove You Wrong


    Super Furry Animals- Rings Around The World

    I took them with me on a couple of road trips I made and wound up listening to both twice straight through.

    MQ2- Mountains-Melodica

    Got nothing on your BQ's

  • Hey Silver!

    Not to steal your answer but Silve Spring, for me as well. I remember hearing it on the radio as a B side, and falling in love with it. I couldn't find it anywhere. that was back when Rumors was so new and hot.

    When it actually made it on an album, I was reminded of it and just blown away again.

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    Afternoon! :)

    Yeeeah, I do that virtually every day with Queen. Seriously. Does that even make sense? Quite possibly not but it does to me, so there's my answer. :) Its like if I've been sitting there with no music on, then I put Queen on...I'm like "Damnnnnnn, why didn't I do this an hour earlier?!" Haha, sorry I make no sense :P

    NP: One In A Million - GNR [Now I've said that, I think I'll change it to Queen xD]

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    hello silver rose. long time no see!!

    actually yes i have and im going to be made fun of quite a bit but bring it on.

    the album i find myself being completley wrapped up in time and time again is nsyncs no strings attached. ya i know its pretty dorky but hey atleast im being heart felt.

    bq2- do you mean like jc chaze takes a back seat to justin? haha and rightfully so might i add.

    <<< nerddddddd

  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    If you get any deeper, I will start to think bad stuff.

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