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Under kitchen cabinet lighting question?

I have a new kitchen being built. The electrician long ago stubbed out wires for under the cabinets. They ended up about 4 inches below the cabinets.

My problem is the tile guys drilled holes in the tiles slipping the wires through them instead of moving the wires up to the bottom of the cabinets and tiling up against them.

My question is, where are the wires supposed to be? Through the cabinets or through the wall under the cabinets?

Help, I'm surrounded by first class idiots.

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    the wires are supposed to be through the wall and under the cabinets the tiles have suffered an unneccesary damage

    Source(s): A & J Construction
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    I just had a custom home built....mine run under the cabinets and go through the wall where the bottom of the cabinets meet the wall.

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    I represent that... Having never had a kitchen cabinet large enough to be wired for lighting, I remain in the classification of first class idiots ... But you should be able to seek other opinions on this matter... Good luck.

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    Usually that decision happens pre-build. In your case the tiles seemed to have suffered unnecessarily. You may ask the tile guys to fix the tiles and use the original wiring set up.

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