Is a spring assisted pocket knife illegal?

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  • Ben answered 5 years ago
Each states has very specific laws pertaining to spring -assisted knives. On the website below, you will find a "quick reference chart" which gives you the state law by individual state.


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Having a website with the actual information is so much better.
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  • solarianus answered 5 years ago
    No, in fact you can walk in and buy one at most Walmarts.
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  • damond h answered 5 years ago
    They are legal in Arizona. Other than that they are illegal in the other states.

    If ever asked to open it, just hold you hand on the blade, as if you are pulling it, then push the button, the pressure you have on the blade, will make it open slower, and of course appear as if you are pulling on it.

    Keep in mind also, multi tools, are illegal in some states, due to the length... although the blade may only be 3 inches, they measure the tool fully extended... Just another way to keep us from having handy tools.
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  • Turok ESPN McPepsi answered 5 years ago
    That's a vague description.

    A switchblade, for example, is not a pocket knife, but is spring-assisted. A stiletto is not a pocket knife, is spring-assisted, but is totally different from a switchblade.

    Some jurisdictions don't care about the spring and only the length of the cutting edge.
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
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  • YoYokiller answered 5 years ago
    Yes they are pretty much anywhere. But on otherhand carrying any blade is illegal unless you can prove maybe your going hunting or its in most cases a small pocket knife type blade.
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  • mentholman answered 5 years ago
    It is illegal unless attached to a gun.
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  • tugboat answered 5 years ago
    your not talking anything like a switchblade are you?
    their not legal.

    offhandedly why would you need one any way unless your looking for a fight in which case make sure the other guy doesn't have a gun
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  • Aaron H answered 5 years ago
    Depends on the state. What kind of retard would want one of those anyway.
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