what is "closure" like when ending a relationship?

what is the difference

How do you know if you had closure or not when you brokeup


Oh wow, definitely no closure for me =/

but what can you do? lol especially when you're banned from ever talking to them again

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    its when u both know why it has ended..there is no more questions to be asked and there isnt anything left to say. its where ur comfortable as to how things ended..weather it hurt or not u know the reason and understand it.

  • 4 years ago

    Closure is a comfort zone. You feel no urge to contact them to say one last thing or a whole bunch of one last things. Closure is when that urge no longer exists. Closure is when you can see them and not feel any pangs in your heart. Closure is when you accept that, whose ever fault it was that the relationship ended, it doesn't even matter anymore. Closure can also be a talk with them after the initial pain and anger ends and you can actually say goodbye and cry..... and then notice the crying and pain get less and less..because there is no unsettle business. It's understood by both that it's over.

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    what is "closure" like when ending a relationship?

    what is the difference How do you know if you had closure or not when you brokeup

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    Do not worry about closure or what people tell you to feel like. Its just a buzzword. If you never want to see a person again, then dont. If you want to see them again, then do. You will know what to do, and if you make a mistake and see them again when you shouldn't, who cares? It might hurt for a little while, but you will get over it. Life is too short to be burdened by whether or not everyone has the "closure" they want.

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    What Is Closure

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    I have the answer to your question, I been through that! you will get your closure just wait! nobody moved forward until they go back! and the person that you need your closure from will have to come back no matter what!

    I promise you!

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    1 decade ago

    Personally I think that closure is when you can still be friends, I guess it i all depending on how your relationship ended.

  • You know you have closure when you can seriously look at him even in the eyes and tell yourself I don't need him anymore and mean it. When you can look at him and not feel what you used to have like you would do to a stranger.

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    Leaving on good terms is pretty much closure for you.Most consider leaving as friends is good closure.

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    1 decade ago

    haha I've never had closure when breaking up always been a mess.

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