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請協助小弟幫忙翻譯以下問句,如有不懂可在問我...麻煩大大囉 謝謝~

1.客戶所使用的RSP是否為SEMI的SPEC(規格)? (可否詳述外型:(1)上蓋頂端有無chunk (2)上蓋側邊有無wind) 價格大約多少?

2.客戶廠內線上RUN的RSP數量總共有多少? 廠內汰除率為何? 庫房是否還有庫存品呢(此可判斷未來需求)?

3.客戶Fab內的RSP共有幾款Type(廠商)? 分別佔有率為何?

4.客戶在RSP的使用上,是否有搭配氮氣的Purage需求呢? 有配合的氮氣櫃嗎? 功能為:(1)continue purage or (2)non-purage or (3)ㄧ般櫃子的大環境氮氣充填 ?

5.客戶是否曾經repair過RSP(Asyst)的part's? repair過哪些部件的part's? 各part's repair的數量?


7.客戶廠內使用曝光機的及其機台品牌為何? (ASML or NIKON or CANON) 其各型號為何? 各型號機台的數量有多少?



在請各位補充囉 感謝~!!

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    1.The customer uses whether RSP is SEMI SPEC (specification)? (whether to relate in detail the outlook: (1) top head peak whether there is chunk (2) top head side whether there is wind) price approximately how many?

    2.How many on the customer factory inside connection does the RUN RSP quantity altogether have? In factory elimination rate why? The storehouse will have whether also the stock (this to be possible to judge in the future demand)?

    3.How many section of Type in customer Fab does RSP altogether have (manufacturer)? Distinction percentage of why?

    4.Customer in RSP use, whether to have the matching nitrogen Purage demand? Has the coordinate nitrogen wind chest? The function is: (1)continue purage or (2)non-purage or (3) ㄧ cabinet's environment nitrogen backfill?

    5.Customer whether repair RSP(Asyst) part' s? repair which part's part' s? Each part' s repair quantity?

    6.The client side RSP service condition also has other special issue?

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    如果您是要寫給客人要你上面問的這些資訊, 上面那位大大幫你寫的, 你自己還要再修改喔.

    且如果是書面的信, 客人可能不會回答你, 除非你去當面問, 用套的. 他能說多少就是多少了.


    What's the brand and model number that FAB has for Mask Aligner ?

    Is it ASML, Nikon or Canon?

    May I know the QTY and model for each of them?

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