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An electrically conductive omnidirectional reflector (ODR) is demonstrated as p-type ohmic contact for an AlGaInP light-emitting diode (LED). The ODR comprises the semiconductor, a metal layer and an intermediate low-refractive index dielectric layer. The SiO2 dielectric layer, located between a GaP and a silver layer, is perforated by an array of AuZn micro-contacts thus enabling electrical conductivity. It is shown that the ODR-LED has a significantly higher light-extraction efficiency as compared to LEDs employing distributed Bragg reflectors (DBRs). For devices emitting in the red wavelength range, external quantum efficiencies of 18 % and 11 % are obtained for ODR- and DBR-LEDs, respectively. The performance of the ODR-LED can be further increased by replacing the SiO2 dielectric with materials having a refractive index << 1.45. Performance characteristics of such powerful reflectors will be presented.



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    你應該是要翻譯成中文吧? 我有點不太懂你的意思

    因為你的內容已經是英文了 我不知道還要翻譯什麼


    一個用電力導電的全方位的反射鏡(ODR) 作為便士類型一個AlGaInP發光二極體(引起)的歐姆的接觸被證明 . ODR 包括半導體,一個金屬層和一個中間折射最低點的索引非導電性的層。 SiO2 非導電性的層,在GaP 和一個銀層之間放,被一系列AuZn 微接觸如此使電傳導性成為可能在上打孔。 顯示ODR 引起與利用分發的布拉格反射鏡(DBRs)的LEDs相比較有相當高的輕抽提效率 . 在那些紅波長範圍內設備以來發出,外部量效率的百分之18 和百分之11被已經數ODR 獲得和DBR-LEDs,分別。 ODR 引起的性能可能被更進一步透過用有一個折射的索引的材料替換SiO2 非導電性增加 <<1.45. 這樣的大功率的反射鏡的工作特性將被提出。

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