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頹小俊 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

幫忙翻譯幾段英文字(有關於MLB 2K9)

Batting Success- the amount of good wood you get on the ball (Skill slider from MLB 2K8)

Pitch Break Influence- The level on which a pitch will break

AI Pitch Success: the more the CPU hits the strike zone and has max. effort on a pitch

AI Pitch Selection Tendency: the more the CPU varies the pitch selection

AI Strike Zone Tendency: The more the CPU pitches in the strike zone

AI Pitch Zone Tendency: The more the CPU pitches in the zone it chooses

Hold Timing influence must have to do with the gesture on the analog stick and release timing must have to do with the amount of influence it has on the release point of your pitches.

Batting Pitch Influence- Influence the the user batter's (or CPU) player's rating against the pitch he is facing has on the result. I.E. if A-Rod has a lower batting average according to IE for Curveballs he will have a hard time making good contact if you throw it to him, or if you use him against the CPU pitcher who throws it. This slider affects the degree at which this rating matters

I can see the batting pitch influence having to do with your batter's IE and how much that influences the AI and how it pitches you. For instance if the user has a batter who swings and misses 72% of the time at low and away pitches, then that is where the AI is more likely to throw a pitch to you with 2 strikes, depending on what that slider is set at.

AI Pitch Selection Tendency: Actually I think this one is how much the IE ratings for the CPU pitcher's pitches is used in determining the pitch type. For example a pitcher with a high % of fastballs thrown will throw roughly that same amount (% wise) throughout the game if you move this slider to the right.

AI Pitch Zone Tendency: I think this is also like pitch selection tendency in that it will stick to the IE scouting report for the pitching zones the pitcher likes to place his pitches. Maybe this is what you meant.

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