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Hair is getting really annoying?

So I have really curly hair and it gets really annoying washing it in the shower. Currently I'm using this 2 in 1 stuff that normally makes my hair seem as if it's sticking together and I have to go through hell in order to accurately wash it. That doesn't happen when I use Shampoo and Conditioner separately however.


I dislike having curly hair anyway because it's a hassle to comb and it's pretty long so it usually ends up looking like crap even if I do comb it or I don't. I'm not a stylist so I don't know what to do with hair, much less curly hair.

Are there any tips you could give me? Please bear in mind that I'm low on cash. Thanks.

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    How long is your hair?

    well you see, if youh think your hair is really annoying, that'll put your self esteem down towards your hair.

    You might want to get a haircut, ry something new.

    or if you don't prefer that, then you should try MOUSSE for guys hair, I may not know this kind of stuff, but I have guy friends that has curly hair too, even though it bugs them, they put gel in there hair try too look all soft and trust me, its an attraction, just don't think that its annoying.

    If you find the right product for your hair, it won't bug you at all, try to surf he internet in any department stores for guy hair products(:

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    I know what it is like to hate your hair. Mine is poker straight and I have to put curl in it.

    I can give you several ideas to work with your bad hair days, maybe one will work for you.

    1) Get a short haircut. My brother has very curly hair and he keeps it very short, which makes it very easy to manage.

    2) Keep it long and wear a pony tail. My husband has horribly curly hair. When it was more than 3 inches long or more, it stuck out like Bozo the Clown. He manages his curly locks by wearing his hair long, which is acceptable these days for a man. He pulls it back, puts puggies in, as he calls them, the coated rubber type bands for hair. He puts one at the very top when he pulls it all back and then every 3 inches and it keeps his hair very nice.

    Also, since his hair is long, the weight of the locks keeps his hair more in pretty waves when he washes it, combs it down straight and lets it dry naturally. Weight makes straight.

    3) You could get a 'body wave' or permanent wave as it is called. Very large rods are used and when the chemicals are applied it changes the structure of the hair to make the curly kinks you don't like go away and when you wash your hair, comb it straight, you would have a more straight wave rather than the curly.

    You state you have an issue with shampoos. What you want to use is a 'heavy conditioner'. I always liked a shampoo and conditioner called 'Mane and Tail'. It is for people, but also for horses. It is a great shampoo, gentle, thorough and makes hair shine. The conditioner is thick and will actually pull curl out of your hair. It always made my 'perms' go flat. It is not that expensive and can be bought just about anywhere. I also like the new Dove Shampoo though hubby uses the cheapest stuff on the shelves.

    You can also use a heavy mouse or gel shaper with firm hold. Put in in your hair, comb straight and let it dry. There are some 'no frizz' products that can help tame unruly hair.

    You state your funds are low. I suggest you seek out a Hair Dressing School in your area. They usually have a 'shop' where the public can come and get haircuts and permanents for much less than you would pay in a salon.

    Source(s): I grew up in a family of hairdressers. I worked in a salon since I was 9 and went to beauty school. I have a brother and husband with horribly curly hair.
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    There are Redken products called "fresh curls" they don't necessarily make your hair less curly, but it makes it a lot easier to manage. It's usually 13-17 dollars a bottle though which is pretty pricy. They have a Herbal Escenses(SP?) bottle of shampoo and conditioner for less than 5 dollars, it's called naturally straight. And it tamed my curly hair quite a bit. My hair is a hot curly mess! And these do really help, for me at least! There are also a lot of garnier fructice products that work wonders. Hope this helps, a little bit! haha Good luck!

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    This will help with your curly hair to tame it.

    Also, 2 in 1 stuff is crap usually with problem hair. When you do use the conditioner seperate, use it only on the ends and use your fingers to seperate it.

    Also Sunsilk anti poof will also help your curly hair be tame.

    Good luck!

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    Try applying coconut oil and castor oil to hair so your hair gets smooth. Once in a week warm the mixture of oil. Apply to your hair. Leave it for 8 hours and then wash it.

    Good Luck

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    1:you could cut you hair a little shorter so the curls dont look so untamed.

    2: you can put gel or mousse in it

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    You said it's pretty long then cut it short.

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    cut short

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    get a buzz cut

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