Anyone work at Lehigh Valley Hospital or Just an opinion?

Okay so I got accepted in to the CNA/Tech Partner Paid Training Program which is 12 weeks long at LehighValley Hospital in Allentown,PA. I have to go for a physical tomorrow, in which I needed to fill out paper work for tonight. My question is, they ask if I'm pregnant, and I am just 9 weeks right now, and then 13 When I actually start the class. My OB says it's fine and it shouldn't be a problem, but maybe I should not tell them till I actually get in to the class. The paper work however wants me to sign and say everything on this paper to the best of my knowledge is correct. Can I lie, Should I lie. I hate lying but this is such a good opportunity. I can finish the course and even work for 2 months or so and then I'm going to go right back after the 6 week maternity leave or whatever. Does anyone know what I should do. Does anyone think they wouldn't let me in the program because of my pregnancy ( if they didn't let me in I'd know it'd be for that, but I'd have no way to prove it). What should I do?!?! I'm afraid that the doctor will feel my abdomen tomorrow and be able to tell i'm pregnant, i'm not sure I will be able to lie on the spot if he says anything.

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    They can't deny entry purely based on your pregnancy, but you cannot lie on the application. You are committing fraud if you say you are not and they can terminate you just for that! You'll probably even be given a drug test at some point, which could easily be tested for pregnancy. Tell the truth.

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