isn't The Big Show married?

On Monday night Raw and Smackdown, The Big Show loves Vickie but at WM24 they show us his wife, i dont get whats happening?

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    Only a storyline to give him a bigger push, by making him a main eventer.. either Edge is going to turn face later this year, or the Big Show will get drafted to Raw. once his current storyline is over after Wrestlemania 25.. also i wanted to add to GH Baby, of course the WWE is like the soap opera. it's the male version of daytime soaps. only with more action and drama into it

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    Yes he is married and this is all a stupid story line. Do you really think Edge is married to Vickie?

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    yes i was wondering the same thing. i think they plan whats going to happen its like a soap opera.

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  • Yes, he is. It's just a silly story line.

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