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Should I Trade Jason Bay?

A guy in my league offered Ichiro Suzuki and Hunter Pence for me to give up Jason Bay.

I am on the fence here honestly....I know Bay is the best player this year, but those two together? What do you think of this trade?

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    Ichiro will get you plenty of hits, BA, SB's and runs scored. Hunter will get you speed and power at the cost of a bit of bad BA. Bay will get you some of all of those stats but not the BA of a Suzuki when he is on. If you have a light OF, take the deal. This is two quality guys for one better than each but not both. If you are outfield rich, turn it down. Only your roster can tell you that, not us.

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    Yeah that a hard on but it all depends on what you want outta your player, if you want someone with a lot of hit and a guy who has someone who still needs to prove himself, Pence has only been in the league for 2 yrs going on 3yrs. but you know bay will put up some good numbers this year in boston hitting in the 5th spot behind Youk. but i think either way you can't go wrong but i would stick with bay.

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