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Conservatives --at what point does one become a Liberal?

Conservatives call me a Liberal, although I do not think of myself as a liberal. I just think of myself as right.

I am for free enterprise with proper oversight and accountability, limited yet effective government with separation of Church from State, individual freedom and privacy, traditional American values such as a strong family, a clean environment, strong schools. A strong national defense, and the rule of law.

The real problem is that for the last 8 years America was not being run on any true conservative principles, certainly none I am aware of. Spending more and expanding Govt. are not in the Conservatives play book. I guess it shows America that it is nice to talk the talk but when it comes to actually running things conservatives could not walk the walk. They failed.

So now after 8 years I think de-regulation was heavy handed and done badly so does that make me a liberal? Does the fact that I want more over sight and accountability on banks and financial institutes that created this mess make me a liberal? I make under 250,000 a year so Obama's tax cut is a good thing for me, does that make me a liberal?


GW Bush was a Conservative and ran on that.

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    Knitwits like Yugich, have been brain-washed to believe that "ignorance, immaturity and drug abuse causes people to be liberal followers. Greed, immorality and power create liberal politicians."

    Since when are Republicans Harding, Hoover, Richard Nixon, Spiro Agnew, U.S. Senators, Strom Thurmond, Conrad Burns, Rick Santorum, Bill Frist, Bob Packwood, Ted Stevens, Larry Craig, Philip Giordano, U.S. Congressmen, Tom DeLay, Newt Gingrich, Henry , Bob Livingston, Bob Barr, Bob Ney, Tom Noe, Richard Pombo, Bill Thomas, Charles Canady, Dick Armey, John Peterson, Helen Chenoweth, Katherine Harris, Wild Bill, Janklow, Vito Fossella, J.C. Watts, Connie Mack, John Schmitz, Donald, Buz, Lukens, Ken Calvert, Dan Crane, Jim Bunn, Sue Myrick, Robert Bauman, Ed Schrock, Roy Blunt, Rick Renzi, Charles Taylor, Duke Cunningham, Don Sherwood, Roy Blunt, Tom Feeney, Mark Foley, Marilyn Musgrave, Jack Abramoff, Mark A. Grethen, Oliver North, Gordon Liddy, Richard A. Delgaudio, Don Blankenship, Ralph Reed, John Fund, Jeff Gannon and Bill Bennett liberals????

    Source(s): Contrast and compare & As for what "liberalism" and "conservativism" is REALLY all about, see .
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    Regulation and oversight mean more government. Our government is involved in things that some of us think they ought not be involved in. It doesn't necessarily take MORE government to walk the walk as you put it. Some oversight is necessary to enforce the law, but the government doesn't need to be dipping it's grubby hands into the public coffers to bail out Wall Street just so investors don't lose money. Here's an idea... and this is just me "brainstorming"... BUTT OUT OF FREE ENTERPRISE! Big business or small, if you fail you fail. If you defraud your investors and your big corporation employing millions falls through?? Tough Crap! "Caveat Emptor!" They're gonna lose their money, your employees are gonna lose their jobs and you're gonna go to jail. It's not the government's place to "bail out" any industry, business, bank or organization. That's not their job. At least it shouldn't be. You can't build levees forever to prevent a flood. Sometimes a flood is necessary. Sometimes a recession or even a depression is going to have to be part of the cycle. Government intervention screws up capitalism. Butt out and spend my money on the things that government is SUPPOSED to provide or give it back. Or we can continue to increase our welfare state, throwing money away on crappy investments in Social Security, and earmarking tax payer money for crap like eradicating the mormon cricket! Screw the mormon cricket! Bring back DDT! We're sticking chewing gum in a dam that needs to break anyway.... all making the inevitable, worse when it finally happens. More government is the LAST thing we need right now. Or maybe you're happy with your recent 800 Billion dollar investment! What a joke.

    You are definitely a liberal when you cease to believe in the concept of personal accountability!!

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    I consider myself a deep and thoughtful conservative (small "c") and am not a Republican. I agree on most of your points except that I do not think that Conservatives have been running things, Republicans have , neo-cons at that, and RINOs . You hit the nail on the head with the Talk the talk, walk the walk spiel. I tell everyone that I am without a party, because I an against every plank of the Democratic platform ( at least how they propose to accomplish most of their goals), and agree with the vast majority of the Republican platform. I just wish that the prominent Republicans themselves would live their own message. (I think the day to day, middle American ones do)

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    You are blaming conservatives for the actions of Republicans.

    That would be like blaming the African Americans for the Civil War.

    You owe true conservatives an apology for blaming a minority within a party for the actions of the party as a whole.

    Ford, Bush, and McCain are far from conservative - just Republican.

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    No longer liberal - you're a socialist, like the rest. Go empty your wallet, then put your hand out like the rest....

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    Most times you start out liberal and then turn conservative!!

    "A man that is under 30 and is not a liberal, has no heart; but a man who is over 30 and is not conservative, has no BRAIN"....Winston Churchill

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    Easy answer, you become a liberal when you find you really enjoy playing Santa Clause with someone else's money, and don't have a care what happens to yours.

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    This one statement.....

    "I am for free enterprise with proper oversight and accountability...."

    does not make you liberal.......

    but flip it around:

    I am for "government" with proper oversight and accountability....

    makes one more of a conservative.

    Best regards.

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    I went from conservative to liberal after I turned about 33. At that point, I had grown up enough to realize the unworkability of conservative ideology. Some people never learn.

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    I suppose when you realize you can vote yourself treasure at the tax payers expense.

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