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Texas Memorial High school student shot to death By 20 yr old at party?

Police say Robert Jordan Odom Jr., 20, accidentally shot and killed his former Memorial High School classmate, 17-year-old Allison Aubrecht, while playing with a gun at a gathering in the 6500 block of Westview.

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My question

WHY IS THE NEWS NOT REPORTING about this man that is 20 yrs old with a gun??? You cannot legally own or be in primary control of a handgun until the age of 21.

Who's gun was this?

Reports say he had just bought his gun...( are you serious)

How could he if he is under 21.

Don't you think they would know he cant legally buy a gun.

So why is it not in the News about that! Why would they said that he bought this gun like it was no big deal.

Some sobering stories and unique views on Gun Safety from Clint Smith ( watch the link below)

If your a gun owner you should have These "4 rules"

Rule number


# 2 Don't point the gun at anything you don't wish to destroy

# 3 Keep your finger off the trigger till your on the target and

ready to shot

# 4 Be sure of your target and backstop

My prayers go out to the Aubrecht family


It's been like 3-4 hr and i have not reply if you read this and have nothing to say could you please Star it so it can get out to other ( i dont have many contacts)

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    Yeah, I am a bit concerned about it too. I don't understand why the neighbors are so casual about him owning a gun. And where the hell are the parents, or did he live alone at this point? And this is why i wont let my kids go to people's house that I don't know. I understand that it was an accident, that he had no intention of shooting her but there was some wrong combinations there with alcohol, drugs and a gun. He still knew better! He should be punished.

    This is too close to home!!

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    I didn't personally know Allie, but I go to Memorial High School and I know a lot of her friends. It is not confirmed that this was an "accident". He was very disturbed, and there is some hard evidence and testimony coming forward that this was premeditated.

    Apparently, he showed the gun to a neighbor before he shot her and it was unloaded, but then he showed the gun to a friend and it was loaded. She was shot in the back of the head at nearly point blank; how could that be a mistake?

    Also, Allison was a hardcore drinker/drug user, as was Robert. There are two lessons in this: don't drink/do drugs, and practice good gun safety.

    In regards to your question, I'm sure that the reason they aren't reporting the gun possession violation is because it's not big news, just like they barely mention the drug use and underage drinking. They're reporting the big story; sadly, there are rampant problems with gun laws being violated across Texas. That's not big news. I'm sure he'll be charged accordingly, though.

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