Does anyone know the email address to the IRS. It has been 7 weeks since I filed my Federal Tax return,?

On January 30th, I filed my Federal tax return for last year, and have not yet received a refund. It has been 7 1/2 weeks since February. Does anyone know the email address to the IRS so that I may inquire about this matter?

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    Check out the"Where's my Refund" page on the IRS web site,,id=96596...

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    you need to get the back taxes done but you can only go back to 2004 if you do them before april 15 but you can go back fruther with premission from the irs if you have a good excuse also you need to check to make sure that you had to file in some of the earlier years the irs has all the w2s on file and the 1099s also you need to contact them and request them so you can get the mess cleared up i woldnt go to a cpa you are gonna pay out of the nose i work at hr block and we charge 100 or less for previous years depending on the complexity of the return but shop around some places may be cheaper than others and not all hr blocks charge the same price

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    Refund checks are being sent out within 2 1/2 week for the last three years. Yours was already sent. Please call them and see if it is missing, you need to file form 3911 (Lost or Stolen refund Check). Also, it they have not processed it, find out if there is a freeze on it. If you were recently married, a ssn freeze could hold up your refund, then you need form 4149 and a letter from the SSA or a copy of your new ss card. Hope it is not a Z-Freeze.

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    There is no email contact with the IRS. You can check the status of your refund at the IRS website, Click on Where's My Refund.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You can check the status of your return from the IRS homepage. There's a link right there, I think it's to the right.

    You will need the expected amount of your return, and I think the date you filed, along w/ your social security number.

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    Go online to and check out Where's My Refund

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    you can call 1-800-829-1040 automated service or check the website www. hope you receive your money soon.

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    There is not e-mail address for the IRS. They don't communicate via e-mail; it is not secure.

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    It is probably something you can use on

    Good luck. Make sure to use a lot of swear words and insults in your email.

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