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How long does rain last in San Antonio, TX?

Do you just get quick short showers followed by hours of sun like florida?

Or do you get all-day rain storms like New York?

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    Currently south Texas is in a severe drought. We really haven't seen rainfall in months except like 2-3 days 2 weeks ago.

    Rain here is sporadic. Thunderstorms mostly, last a few hours then stop and occasionally last all day, but not often. It's more downpours than steady light rain like that on the east coast. I live in London and Philadelphia so I know rain.

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    I lived in San Antonio in the early 60s. My niece lives there now. It has a good in between moisture level.

    If you are from El Paso, Arizona, New Mexico you might find San Antonio humid. If you are from Houston, deep East Texas, any of the southern states on the Gulf Coast, you will find San Antonio has a relatively dry climate. There is enough moisture for some greenery but not the lush greenery of the more humid rain filled areas.

    There is always a risk of flash floods there. Since it is somewhat a roving hilly area this can be a problem at the bottom of the hills.

    Actually San Antonio has a good southeast breeze. After dark in the summer, it will still be in the 90s but because of the lower humidities and that southeast breeze it is very comfortable. The same is true if you are in the shade during the summer. But if you stay out in that sun very long in the summer it can dehydratee you pretty fast.

    I went to San Antonio during Hurricane Ike. One day when the storm was out in the gulf they had a humid day. Then the storm went another direction and it was very dry and pleasant.

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    You often get all day rain storms. Some last more than a few days. It's not like Florida rain. I've been to Florida, as well as San Antonio, and San Antonio rain lasts longer.

    Source(s): Visited San Antonio, have relatives living there
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    We rarely get "regular" rain like Florida. Whenever I visited there one summer everyday around 1:00 pm it rained for about twenty minutes. In San Antonio, especially since the drought, our rain has been been all off. We'll usually get a few nights in a row of rain, and then it won't rain for another few months.

    Source(s): lived here all my life.
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    No, the rain is pretty long, when we have it, which is maybe once or twice every 2 months. We can sometimes get short ones too, but it depends on a lot of things.

    Source(s): I have lived in San Antonio my whole life.
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    End of Aug is pretty hot,,,but not near as humid a in Florida... Usually your looking at about 95 during the day and 75-80 nights,,,a little breeze makes a big difference.

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    Hey i'm here for the first time. I came across this question and I find the answers truly helpful. I hope to give something back and help others too.

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    That old saying "If you don't like the weather, then wait an hour.." really applies here. Sometimes it can last all day but that's rare.

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