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What will happen to Kevin and amber when they go to Canada?

Will daniel and michael will be able to find them?Please if you know the spoilers please tell THANKS AND I want a lot of spoilers that what happens to them THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

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    there is no way they are going to make it to canada, that is just another way to make the storyline longer. their photos are spread all over and michael and daniel will find them or the police will. nicki brings mrs c to victor, murphy tries to propose but keeps getting interrupted. cain asks lily to marry him. paul believes it is mrs c.

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    Gee, I hadn't even heard that they were going to Canada, I take it they are going there to hide from the police?

    For goodness sakes, how many more dumb ideas are these even dumber writers going come up with just to drag this story on?

    Sorry I don't know any spoilers about this, but to tell you the truth. at this point I am really not sure I even want to know what's going to happen anymore about all this nonsense!

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    The only thing I heard was that the two of them end up being intimate with each other. I can't wait for those fireworks!

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    Wow! I haven't heard of them going to Canada. But thanks for that info.

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