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Ever taken a psychology course online?

Today is my 9th week taking an online general psychology course..Its been driving me crazy,i find it extremely difficult.Has anyone been threw a similar experience???


More answers please!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    I took my Intro. to Psychology course online and found it most enjoyable. It was run through the WebCT/Blackboard application and was easy to navigate, comprehend, and communicate with others. The professor included slide-shows and helpful study tools such as printable flash cards and cross word puzzles, and mandated several class discussions through the class forum each week. There was also online tutoring available for those who needed it.

    I think whether or not you do well in this class depends on a lot of things... everything from the professor, the book assigned, the method of teaching and study tools available, as well as your self-motivation, study habits, and computer abilities.

    What exactly about the course do you find challenging? The material... the format?

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    4 years ago


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