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Do color tattoos hurt more?

I already have one tattoo but it's black/white and i got it on my upper right-side of my back. Im going to get another one this week, small maybe like 1inch-11/2inches on my left ankle, but i want this one in color. So would it hurt more because it's in color and on my ankle?

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    The color has nothing to do with it but as others have stated, it will take more work to get the color uniform which means working the area with needles more. Depending on the colors you choose, some go in easier than others (stay in the skin more uniformly). Green and yellows can be difficult depending on the type of ink. I've always had great luck with Mom's ink by Millenium. Ankle may be a tender spot as it's often abraded by footwear, etc, which will extend the healing time and keep it sore longer. Good luck

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    Some people perceive the color or shading portions of the tattoo to be more painful, however this is not because gray or colored ink is any more painful than black ink. As other have mentioned, usually a larger group of needles is used in shading and coloring as so the artist may cover more area, rather than an outline, which (if it is a thin one) may have only one or a couple needles. There are very few tattoos out there that are just outlines though, as most tattoos (whether color or traditional black and gray) have some form of shading or filler, making the vast majority of all tattoos equally as pain-inflicting. One example of how a non-colored tattoo could even be more painful than one with color would be large tribal designs, in which many needles are used as once, more than what would would be used for a small or medium colored tattoo.

    In short: it is the number of needles, not the color of the ink... that bothers some people. Personally? I don't feel a significant difference between outlines and shading/color.

    As for your ankle being more painful... perhaps, again- as others have said- the closer to the bone your tattoo is, the more painful many people find it to be.

    Everyone is different, their experiences, their pain tolerance, their artist's technique, etc. so no one can accurately describe to you how your experience will be. I can, however, tell you that the majority of all people I know said it is "not as bad" as they expected.

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    The ink is not what cause pain, it's the needle(s) going in out of the skin at an insane rate. The reason some people say color ink hurts more is because of the different techniques used to shade, color, and outline. Each technique requires a different type of needle and needle bundle, sometimes you will only be hit with one needle sometimes up to 7 (one is for outlining, 7 for coloring in). From what I have observed over the years, pink fades quicker in most people than green, but green takes longer to heal.

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    It is all a matter of perception. People often say it hurts more because the tattoo artist will do the outline and shading then come back and do the color. So it is sort of akin to being punched in a sunburn, for example. But it isn't the pigment that makes the difference, just the timing and order of the process.

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    It will hurt more because it is on your ankle not because it is in color. Color doesn't hurt more than black and grey and vice versa. It is the needle that changes the pain, for instance, the outline needle usually hurts a little more than the needle they use to fill in.

    Also I have tattoos on my upper back and those didn't hurt nearly as bad as the ones on my ankles, it's right on the bone so it will be more painful. I could be wrong, your pain tolerance may vary from mine, that was just my experience.

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    I don't think a tattoo would hurt more by adding color..

    Because it is just a sharp needle running like a lot of beats in a second.

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    Well the dye used in the color tattoos has nothing in it that will hurt more than the standard black. However, if the colored area was to be shaded and colored in fully that ill hurt much more than the regular simpily because there are many more pricks.

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    Colour's make no difference to levels of discomfort. Your ankle will be more pinchy than other area's but it'll be worth it. The outline will be the worst part, although I love all of it and I enjoy the feeling even more!

    You'll be fine, it's not unbearable and it'll be worth it and you'll be left with a beautiful piece that is yours.

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    It will hurt like hell on the ankle because it is bone but colouring doesn't hurt more than outline. I had stars on my neck and the outline hurt a lot more than the colouring , i think it is a different needle.

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