What age do nutrition education should begin?

what age do you think nutrition education should begin?why? paragraph

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    Nutrition education actually begins when children are very young, at about the age of two. Toddlers at this age tend to do as they see their parents do, so teaching by example is what works best this early. The toddlers who see their parents help themselves to a healthy diet are going to have an easier time learning to take care of themselves than those who see their folks tear open candy bars or make a regular habit of fast food. And, it makes it easier for them to go along with school nutrition programs once they reach that age.

    Source(s): Personal observations.
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    It depends on what you mean by nutrition education. It can start as early as you want. Now, I don't mean sitting down with a toddler and teaching them the food pyramid and how many servings of each. But teach them young to like nutritious foods and that it's important to eat nutritious foods.

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    your education should begin when you cant answer this ---> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=200903...

    like mine,,but actually 6 because thats the age when kids startin to understand whats good and bad,,and then should start to learn too,,but if you ask ME i would say neverrr!!

    they should legalizze weed too

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    As soon as they start asking you to stop at McDonalds. I guess as soon as they are old enough to understand.

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