what age do nutrition education should begin?

what age do you think nutrition education should begin?why? paragraph

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    Nutrition education should begin in grade school. It should begin early as kids may not be learning nutrition at home and may need to know about what makes good nutrition in order to help their families. Little things like knowing you need corn and beans at a meal to make a complete protein can be important and cheap foods can be put together that way to help kids get better nutrition at home. They can learn about empty calories in soda and about other alternatives. Schools could even do some cooking classes for kids or little recipes that they could do at home. There are many kids who don't have parents who really care for them or what they eat. This is often done with special needs kids and many Montessori schools teach children measurements by using recipes and practical things like setting tables and caring for their own needs.

    If kids are in a bad eating habit by the time they are in junior high, then it is likely that they will continue to be obese. Schools should have simple exercises like many of the Chinese schools do. Even for those in wheelchairs, there are stretching exercises that can be done.

    Kids should have health classes. When I was in school we had health classes about beri beri and diseases that stressed the importance of eating citrus fruits and having a balanced diet. They just don't seem to have many classes like that anymore. There are few life skills classes right when we need more life skills.

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    With regards to teaching I think it should begin when kids start school so that they grow up knowing how to eat and what is good for their health and will be more likely to form healthful habits early and grow up into teenagers and adults who are comfortable with the whole concept of nutrition. I also believe it is beneficial for nutrition education to come from parents from as early age as possible.

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    It should begin when one begins eating actual food, ie when one is a baby.

    In school, it should begin as early as pre-school. The earlier the better. That's my philosophy. Why wait? If the kid can eat, he or she ought to know the CORRECT and HEALTHY way to eat. It would be unfair to the child NOT to teach them healthy eating habits when they are young. It doesn't even have to be complicated stuff. For instance, a teacher may choose not to talk about calories, but should talk about fruits and vegetables as replacements for junk food, etc.

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    3rd grade becuase if they are in second then they are too young and sort of teach then later too

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