Should life actually mean life?

Many of my questions tonight are based on work i'm doing for school, I just want more opinions - mainly because I should use arguments for and against and it helps to see from others perspectives. I prefer to collect information from people my age because I already know a lot of the perspectives from adults, and they quite often differ from teenagers perspectives.

I'm not 100% sure of the US way of dealing with criminals but in the UK when people are sentenced to "life" they aren't really being sentenced to life -they're sentenced to a shorter period of time e.g. 25years.

In Scotland, out prisons are getting so full criminals are getting out earlier than they're meant to - which to me is appalling but anyway...

Should life really mean life?

State your age and where you're from if possible!

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes, lets say I was raped and they sentenced the man to "life" in prison, it should truly mean "life". Victims of murders,rapes, and other crimes shouldn't have to worry about the criminal walking free.

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    Yes, it should. If your sentence is life in prison then thats the time you need to be doing. However, it is hard to say that because there are so many unjust sentences. People who go to jail for life for something that wasnt as serious as someone who committed a much worse crime and only got 10 years.

    You know, you see someone who killed 4 people and they get 20 years and person number two kills 1 person but because of the WAY they killed them they get life. Its weird, they should really have a set rule for sentencing.

    Sorry if that was confusing. I am 20 in Maryland

  • Nova
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    1 decade ago

    I think that if they say life, they should hold to it.

    It really depends on the crime, though. (Unless you only get life for murder and whatnot... I'm not really smart in this area)If it is murder, it should be life and stick to it... If it wasn't something that harmed another person... I think it would be okay to let them be on parole because it's less likely that they'll... hurt some one, I suppose.

    Though, I get what you mean about them letting people out because it's too crowded. I find that ignorant and lazy. GO MAKE ANOTHER JAIL!

    Source(s): Gabby (16, America)
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    16 and from the middle south of england :)

    yer life should mean life otherwise they should stop calling it life. maybe they should build prisons specifically for those that are only leaving in a coffin that way it'll be more equipped for people who have to spend life there and that way other prisons wont be as crowded and it would just be better.

    hope this helps :)

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  • MJ
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    1 decade ago

    in my opinion life in prison should mean life in prison. but then there is life in prison with the possibility of parole which normally an inmate becomes eligible for after 20 years. for the inmates who were involved in a crime such as conspiracy or accessory i believe they should have a lighter sentence, as they didnt actually commit the crime, they were found guilty by association. for a person who was an accessory to murder i feel that if they are giving a life sentence they should be eligible for parole assuming they didnt have a high amount of MR reports while in prison and they are willing to testify against the person who actually pulled the trigger or however they went about to commit the crime. the person who actually did it i feel should be sentenced to a life without the possibility of parole.

    19 US

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    1 decade ago

    If I just answered another question of yours, why is Scotland being so slack? Fancy prisons and now cut down sentences! Life should be life, especially if you took someone else's life, YOU should make up for it. They could have had 50 years left of it! Its so sad, don't make up laws if you aren't going to stick to them.

    Source(s): 14, East Midlands, UK
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    when somebody gets sentenced to life i think that they should have to spend there life in prison... i find it stupid that people that commit murders can do it then be back on the streets within 20 years.

    im 15 and from Kent

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    Life should be life. And not in jail it should be the death sentence.

    I'm 20.

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  • It depends on what they did, why, and how reformed they actually get


    Im more concenred with the why.

    many palnned killings have good reason but its the gangs, relgious abusers, high level dangerous types like interantional human trafficers, long term abusers that I would keep in forever

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