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Women: What kind of guy do I look like?

Based on my images- Do I seem like a guy who is cool, nice, wanna marry, asshole ect....

(This is some youtube videos of me lol)

I only ask this because In a scenario of you and I being in a shopping store. You glance over in my direction - what goes through your mind based on physical appearance?

im 24 y/o Nursing student. Guitarist/singer, Own a t-top camaro.

This is merely a helpful tool for psychology project on Attractiveness that I am expanding

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    I think you look a bit of a di*k.

  • NCY
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    you're very attractive. but i don't think your camaro is one thing you should brag about to girls. that's a huge turn-off.

    if girls see you at the store i guess they'll only react to the way you are and not to your appearance. well, this is what i used to do anyways. but if you're really smiley and originally nice to them then of course you'll become appealing to them. but if you act like you think you own the world then you will become arrogant in their eyes and wont even give you a second look.

    your pictures are nice but i don't think you should show off the one where you're kissing the girl. that makes you look like a player and girls will think you wont be respectful and that all you want is to hookup and then show it off to the world.

    hope this was helpful and once again this is just my opinion.

  • you look like a nice guy :)

    plus, the musician in you is a HUGE turn on!

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