Is Fleet management inc a real company or a scam?

I received a letter in the mail today saying I won a ton of money but there is from what I can tell a real check for $3989.00 which is money I could definitely use, but don't want my identity stolen. Check is from a US Bank in MT and the company is from St. Paul MN

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    Well, look on the back of the check and see if it says, 'by signing you agree.."

    The problem is that most states have, 'too good to be true' laws. What it basically means is if it is deemed too good to be true than it probably is, and you could be held liable for whatever.

    I know I could use funds like that. In the past I have found checks come in the mail that eventually led back to some small print agreement from a credit card company.


    Good Luck.

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    Thanks to all the other posts on this I conclude this is a scam. I received my "award" letter and check yesterday. After searching for both Fleet Management, the Bank and reading your comments, I think we can all safely say it is a scam. I too have the same winning numbers of NNCG/7/9/11/31. Check does look very real, but with PC's and scanners there is a lot folks can do to make high quality fakes. I am going to further investigate the phone number, but don't intend to call - my call is going to be to the Attorney General's office as someone needs to catch these folks.

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    well... I got the exact same check for $3989.00. Since there is no 514 Laurel St. in Saint Paul MN. I believe this is a scam. I'll bet we even have the same JackPot entry number of NNCG/7/9/11/31.

    If I can find a way to easily send this to the MN State Atty General's office, I'm going to.

    I filed a complaint at:

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    My grandmother received a check for $3989.00. Please be careful when contacting these people, they get more information when you call them requesting information. My dad called the bank, which concluded that the check was no good and there were alot of complaints about Fleet Management. My Dad also noted all the grammatical errors and misspelled words and various fonts used in the letter. The signor even forgot to capitalize his last name. I think they send these letters to senior citzens knowing they dont have access to verify their scheme. Also the address is to an apartment in MN, but the zipcode is incorrect(Eagan,MN);phone number is a cell phone in canada. In addition US Bank logo is not on the check. My grams was very disappointed cause who couldnt use $580,000, but we reminded her that she never bought such a ticket or entered her name in any type of drawing, so it was not meant to be.

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    Becky - I received the same letter and check today, postmarked from Canada. The check sure looks real to me and I see no disclaimer on the back. Suppose it wouldn't hurt to call the phone number listed and find out what it's all about. Does seem too good to be true.

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    I got the same letter today for $4,120 dollars. I wonder how they get our information. Check looks very bogus. I hear you can get in trouble for cashing or depositing a fraudulent check.

    If you call the number asking for Ralf Stark you will be charged long distance to Canada,

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    I too got the same check. I called the US Bank in Montana listed on the check, and they told me that it was a fraudulent check, and to tear it up. Some kind of scam going on here.

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    i have recived the sam check in the mail. it said that i won 520,000 $ and sent me a check for 3,989$ and i called the people that sent it and they told me to deposit and call them for more instructions. i have contacted the us bank and they could not verify the account number but i read them the letter and she told me that it dont sound like a check because there not wanting me to send them money but after looking up fleet managemnet and trying to find the company i am not having any luck alson my entry number is nncg/7/9/11/31 that is attahed to my name i am going to talk to chase tomrrow and see what they say

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