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Do you look behind the shower curtain before using the bathroom?

Do you look behind the shower curtain before using the bathroom? I always check to make sure a monster won't jump out and get me or i the only one???


ok... thank u everyone that was rerry reashoring cuz wat if ur peeing and someone is watching u or u have to get p n fight but ur underwear trips u???.....or a vampire or R. kelly could try to pee on me cuz im 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good Lord! i didn't know people were so paranoyed ( no offense) i dont watch scary movies,i hardy watch tv (exept when i'm at grandparents house, once a year), which is probably why. if i did i would probably do the same.but i only use the bathroom when i wake up and wen i go to sleep. wen i wake up i turn on the water in the shower before i use the bathroom( so the water can get hot) and before bed i use the one beside my room (no shower to scare me) so i guess i'm pretty safe with the monster issue (:

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    Monster Shower Curtain

  • Jayne
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    No I don't check behind the shower curtain for murderers before using the bathroom... besides, if there were then they would have to wait until I was done. However, sometimes... I DO check my bedroom closet before going to bed since there is plenty room to hide inside...eeek! But that's the only place where I look. I think also that I have gotton like this because of the shows that I sometimes watch.

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    No, cuz I'm scared of actually seeing something there!!

    I keep the shower curtain open anyways, after watching numerous freaky movies.

    Just go in, quickly do your business, and run out!

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    Nope I check too, not for monsters but spiders or broken glass in the tub that I don't know about because the cat knocked something into the tub. Also the cat could be in there and I don't want him climbing my leg! ouch claw claw.

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    YES!!!!!!!!! i even check the cabinets and the trashcan. double check the windows. check the shampoo bottles because most monsters are shape shifters. check the tank on the toilet because they love places like that! OH and monsters in your room don't love to hide in your closet or under your bed, they love to hide in the pillow cases! i've only felt like 3 of them and they aren't that scary, unless they are mean ones. OHHHHHH. I almost died!

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    Oh my goodness! If I am at a friend/relatives house I will...I have 2 kids and you never know when someone will want to play hide-n-seek and scare the crap out of you!

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    I can honestly say, No, I don't check. That's what horror movies are good for; desensitizing America!

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    u are definitely not the only one! I do the same thing! I guess I've seen one too many scary movies.....

  • Anonymous
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    No i also do im always freaked out someones going to be there.

    There's nothing to be embarrassed of.

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