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Can Ferrets Eat Fish?

I have just cooked a trout and have some left over.Can my ferrets have it?

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    There is lots of fish meal in ferret food but that goes through their system well and they begin to stink something fierce. I don't give it to mine for that reason, but i would give them some cooked fish instead of raw to keep smell down. If you do give them either raw or cooked lookout for tiny bones to prevent choking or intestinal damage. If i may suggest an alternative, chicken necks are a must in my ferrets diet; the reason is that it cleans teeth naturally and helps cut back on the poop smell because they can digest all of it. Good luck with your fuzzies! Oh and try, they can answer much more about food for your carpet shark.

    Source(s): I own three ferrets, and have had other ferrets before them.
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    Can Ferrets Eat Fish

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    Yes ferrets can eat fish....Naturally ferrets will eat anything smaller than them. If you look at a lot of ferret foods they have fish products in them (i.e. fish oils), even ferretone has fish oils in them....Like one person put I don't think that I would feed them fish with bones in it (de-bone first)....I don't see how it could hurt them but I am not a vet and always consult your vet first....there are also great yahoo groups like ferret health that has vets as well as experienced ferret owners that can answer any questions that you does make your fuzzies smell "bad", well more pungent....but if you do want to feed your fuzzies raw food try chicken wing tips....they LOVE them and the bones are good for digestion, mine like mice, chicken, eggs, and small I said they like anything smaller than them, I tried hamburger (I have heard of some liking it) and mine hated I hope this helped

    Source(s): I volunteer at Denise's Delightful Dookers Ferret Shelter I have 5 Ferrets (Macy, Rambo, Diesel, Pepsi & Bitsy)
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    I would say a little is fine, but not a lot

    I feed Marshell (spelling) to my ferrets and the main product is fish (i think)

    My ferrets are very healthy, i've had them for a long time, and they love their food

    Source(s): Owner of two ferrets
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    their not supposed have fish based products or it will kill them

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