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Why is it acceptable to erect a giant menorah in front of the White House, but not a giant crucifix?

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    possibly because the jews aren't trying to legislate their religion or force it down everybody's throat. also, what plushy said.

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    A crucifix is not a traditional symbol of Christmas; they DO have an annual tree (in fact, the latest tree was from Pennsylvania), just as the menorah is of Chanukah and NOT of Judaism specifically.

    Edit: The symbols are done in the spirit of the holidays rather than the religion(s) themselves. BTW - there IS an Easter Egg hunt each year as well. The kids are invited to find them on the Great Lawn.

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    The crucifix is not representative of Christmas, Yuna. In fact, here's some interesting information for you.

    Christmas was actually a pagan holiday, but the Roman Catholics took that pagan holiday and labeled it as Christ's birthday. The fact of the matter is, no one knows Christ's true date of birth.

    Christmas originally belonged to the pagans. Don't ask me why the Roman Catholics did such a crazy thing. They could've chosen any other date to celebrate Christ's birth, but they knowingly chose to celebrate Christ's birth on the very date of a pagan holiday.

    It truly boggles my mind.

    Peace out.

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    i am simple answer (but not perfect)is a Christmas tree and a Menorah are a secondary religious symbols unlike a crucifix

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