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How long do you give this new Bruce Willis-Emma Heming marriage to last?

So Bruce Willis, 54, just married 30 year old Emma Heming, for reasons which I'm sure were strictly due to love and by Bruce Willis's marvelous physical appearance at 54. Stupid Bruce really the short term affection of this young woman worth half of your fortune and half of everything you worked on? Wouldn't using a hooker save him $60 million?

Here's guessing that she didn't want a pre-nuptial agreement, and guilted Bruce Willis into thinking that "he can trust her, really, he can" or "are you trying to forecast divorce with a pre-nup", meanwhile, planning in the darkest, diabolical recesses on her mind to divorce in a few years, for really no reason at all. Why go through the time-wasting inconvenience of working hard at all when you can use your looks to increase your net-worth/combine assets? You only have one life to live anyway, why waste it on working hard when you can simply play on someone's desires for sex, and make somebody work hard for you and then destroy them in one shot in the future, coldly calculating machinations under the parameters that the legal system/liberal judges laid into place, but yet ultimately doing little work to get this money since all you really have to do is wait for years and enjoy unemployment during that time, and then file for divorce? They look happy now, because that's Emma Heming's putting into practice lessons from the Gold-Digger handbook to fake affection. In 2009, some things never change.

I don't feel bad for Bruce Willis, because his myopic stupidity & lust will punish him later.

How long do you give it until this Emma Heming drops the divorce bomb for vague, weak, negligable reasons like "unhappiness" or "wanted something new in life", as she then demands $60 million dollars and half of Bruce Willis's real estate. I'm sure the future divorce would be completely because of something horrible Bruce Willis did in the marriage and will have nothing to do with Emma seeking money (sarcasm).

I don't hate women, I just hate lazy gold-diggers.

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    Believe it or not his odds are just as good as Joe Schmoe's.

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    There are more important things in this world than the state of Bruce Willis' lovelife.

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    long give bruce willisemma heming marriage

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    Based on all of your posts on here, I would venture to guess you do hate women and seem to categorize all of us as gold-diggers. Sorry life has treated you so badly. Maybe you should get back to making your millions.

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    Yeah, seems crazy doesn't it? I've always thought the same thing about hookers and rich guys, why don't they just hire them?

    My only other guess is that Bruce had already stashed 80% of his real money offshore, so if they split she'll only see 10% of his real total. (10% = 0.5 x (100% - 80%))

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    wow. that is a whole lotta writin to get thru to respond to a question about mr demi moore kutcher. i got lazy and stopped reading 2 sentences in.

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    may b he loves her too much n wont mind if she owns half of his property....u need 2 believe in love n it will happen...if u keep looking for pitfalls u will notice them but if u try to note some1's gud qualities u will see that is really wat u make it 2 b....

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    I think you care a little too much.

    Bruce Willis. mmmmmm. I'd do him.

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    1 decade ago

    Why is it any of your concern? I don't know them, so i couldn't say.

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