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what language has the most complex grammar in the world?

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    The British Foreign Office conducted a language study recently and concluded that the most difficult language to learn is Basque, spoken in parts of Spain and France, followed closely by Hungarian, which has 35 cases or noun forms. On the other hand, German and Russian languages use a punctuation system said to be among the most difficult ones in the world. Languages that use characters may seem hard to read and write to users of the Roman alphabet, but they are not always that difficult. Experts agree that Chinese and Korean can be learned rather easily by speakers of Western languages; Vietnamese and Japanese, however, are much more complex.


    The world's most complex sound systems are a tie between the Northwest Caucasian language Ubyx (now extinct) and the Khoisan languages of southern Africa.

    The world's most complex word building systems are the Caddoan languages of the North American Plains (Pawnee and Arikara especially).

    The world's most complex sentence building system is probably English.

    The world's most complex meaning building systems are the Australian aboriginal languages.

    Every language is equally complex with respect to the total complexity of every other language. It just depends on how you mix and match different levels and different types of complexity. The Caddoan languages, for example, build gigantic words, but only have about 10 different sounds and no sentence structure. English, on the other hand, builds very complex sentences, but has a fairly average sound system, and very simple word-building processes.

    And then there is Archi, a Northeast Caucasian language. Archi has a fairly complex sound system and a very complex word-building system. If you count all the possible forms of a Latin verb, you come up with about 150 forms or so. If you count all the possible forms of an Archi verb, you come up with 1.5 MILLION different forms. Now THAT is verb complexity.

    The viewpoint of a PhD in Linguistics who teaches at a major US university

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