I just took a pregnancy test...?

I JUST took a pregnancy test and it was negative (I bought the test almost a year ago, btw do they expire?), but dont know if I took it too early...

I was told that this could have been implantation bleeding: I had my period the first week of this month, BUT it was 2 weeks earlier than normal. (I'm always the same every month so it was really weird, but I didnt really think about it till now) right around that time I was having serverly sore breasts. To the point I couldnt even touch them.

I am now having A LOT of white discharge for the last 4 days and very very horny (sorry tmi)

I've had VERY uncomfotable cramping for the past 24 hours...I couldn't sleep at all last night because of it. I have sharp pains on and off in my stomach. Just all around discomfort. :-(

I've been sleeping a lot, but I've also been sick with a cold the past 5 days

And I'm hungry more often.

I had been drinking alcohol a bit the past two weeks, with no thoughts of being pregnant. Yesterday when the cramps started I was thinking maybe I could be...of course I'm NOT drinking anymore, I would never want to harm a fetus...

I'm 25 and def want a child, so I would be really happy! :-))

So, do you think I AM prengnant and if so have I harmed the fetus by drinking?

Thanks everyone!


I dont have the box for the preg test, but the only thing on the wrapper that looks like an expiration date say 2009-10...I bought is almost a year ago though.

Update 2:

The weird "period" that I had was very light. I didnt even use a full tampon

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    You def have alot of signs...and yes it could and probally was implantation bleeding....wait til about a week after you are supposed to ahve yourregular period and test witha new test....or go to the doc and get a bloodtest..I doubt you harmed the baby by drinkig just do nto any more

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    It's possible you are pregnant. I took a test the day of my missed period and it was negative. Then I took one 2 days later (since I still hadn't started) and it was a very faint positive. I went to the doctor and had it confirmed with a blood test. Wait a couple of days (a week would be good, but I was too impatient to wait that long!) and retest. Also, pregnancy tests do expire. If you still have the box that yours came in, take a look at it and see when the expiration date is. And it's really good that you aren't drinking in case you are pregnant! If you do have a bun in the oven, the drinking you already did most likely will not have caused harm. I drank a little bit before I found out I was pregnant, and my baby is perfectly fine. Good luck!

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    Hey..yes its possible ur pregant those are deff pregnany symptoms..n since it was two weeks early kinda sound like implantion bleeding...was it real heavy...or jus like a light period?? Well if I where u I wud get another test...n test first thing in the morning...if still neg..u mite wanna go to the dr becuz some women never do get a positive test..my friend never did..went to dr n found out she was already 12 weeks pregnant..and as far as the drinking goes just don't do it anymore til u find out forsure n ur baby will be ok since u have stopped...good luck to u hope everything works out!!

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    For one if you are pregnate you cant worry about what you did a couple weeks ago only what you are doing now. Second yes the tests do have an experation date on the end of the package and also on the box. Third if you are really concerned about it go to your doctor, even your normal family practitioner can help, and get a blood test done. Then they will tell you were to go from there, that is the only way to really be certain on weather you are truly pregnante or not.

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    Yes they do expire, it will say on the packaging when it will expire. If you dont have the packaging anymore then buy & take a new one just to be sure. :)

    Yes it could have been implantation bleedin, if it was two weeks early then the bleeding happened right around ovulation.

    Alcohol can harm the baby but i doubt youve done any damage unless youve been drunk!lol, just dont drink anymore :)

    Take a testv hunny! :)

    Good luck!! :)..xx

  • U could B pregnant...all the signs r there.....and i got pisssy drunk the day before i took a pregnacy test that showed up positive and my son was perfectly healthy. Ull b fine if u truely r...Go to the clinic to be 100% sure.

  • alcohol can harm the baby and pregnancy tests do Expire so I would suggest going to get another one specifically a digital one. They work the best.

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    you could be pregnant all the signs are there but i think you should go get a new test lol wait about a week and test again

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    in spite of the main faintest line its a effective study interior the quantity of time interior the instructions. If its quite faint i might advise taking yet another attempt in a pair of days or wait and spot in case you get AF and if not attempt then. toddler airborne dirt and dust to you

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    I don't think you're pregnant.

    It sounds like a hormonal spike, you should see a doctor

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