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any list of kids rights?

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    Children's rights are defined in numerous ways, including a wide spectrum of civil, cultural, economic, social and political rights. Rights tend to be of two general types: those advocating for children as autonomous persons under the law and those placing a claim on society for protection from harms perpetrated on children because of their dependency. These have been labeled as the right of empowerment and as the right to protection.[16] One Canadian organization categorizes children's rights into three categories:

    Provision: Children have the right to an adequate standard of living, health care, education and services, and to play. These include a balanced diet, a warm bed to sleep in, and access to schooling.

    Protection: Children have the right to protection from abuse, neglect, exploitation and discrimination. This includes the right to safe places for children to play; constructive child rearing behavior, and acknowledgment of the evolving capacities of children.

    Participation: Children have the right to participate in communities and have programs and services for themselves. This includes children's involvement in libraries and community programs, youth voice activities, and involving children as decision-makers.[17][18]

    In a similar fashion, the Child Rights Information Network, or CRIN for short, categorizes rights into two groups:[19] [20]

    Economic, social and cultural rights, related to the conditions necessary to meet basic human needs such as food, shelter, education, health care, and gainful employment. Included are rights to education, adequate housing, food, water, the highest attainable standard of health, the right to work and rights at work, as well as the cultural rights of minorities and indigenous peoples.

    Environmental, cultural and developmental rights, which are sometimes called "third generation rights," and including the right to live in safe and healthy environments and that groups of people have the right to cultural, political, and economic development.

    Amnesty International openly advocates four particular children's rights, including the end to juvenile incarceration without parole, an end to the recruitment of military use of children, ending the death penalty for people under 21, and raising awareness of human rights in the classroom.[21] Human Rights Watch, an international advocacy organization, includes child labor, juvenile justice, orphans and abandoned children, refugees, street children and corporal punishment.[22]

    Scholarly study generally focuses children's rights by identifying individual rights. The following rights "allow children to grow up healthy and free":[23]

    Freedom of speech

    Freedom of thought

    Freedom from fear

    Freedom of choice and the right to make decisions

    Ownership over one's body

    A Canadian organization identifies several other issues affecting children's rights, including fetal rights, infanticide, child abandonment, child identity rights, paternity fraud, paternity testing, age of consent, shaken baby syndrome, genital mutilation, bullying, corporal punishment, parental alienation, children's rights in family law, youth suicide, anorexia nervosa, ADHD, smoking, and childhood pregnancy.[24] Other issues affecting children's rights include the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography

    for more info go to:'s_rights

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  • 1 decade ago

    It depends where you live.

    If you're in the US, unfortunately you don't get the same human rights as a child as everyone else, since the US is one of the only countries which is yet to ratify the UN convention on the rights of the child (though Obama is saying he's going to do it-good for him).

    But for everyone else, the UN convention lists the basic rights that all children should be entitled to. This is a simplified version:

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  • 1 decade ago

    Kid's rights fall under the 10 top laws under the heading, HONOR THY FATHER and THY MOTHER.

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