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How and when do you apply weed and feed?

I've cut my grass... and it's about to rain. Is it ok to put down weed & feed now?

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    Weed and feed usually works best when it has a little time to remain on the plant surface. I would wait till after the rain. As far as applying, Ive tried the pelletized in a spreader, Ive mixed it in a sprayer but what always seems to work the best are those dial sprayers you put on the end of a garden hose. Dial the sprayer to the ounces for your application and spray the yard. Ive always got the best results that way but it needs to stay on the plant for at least 12 hours. Directly after a rain isnt the best either cause the plant wont try to absorb as much of the spray but dont apply just before a rain you wont see very good results.

    The timing of the year is about right as Weed and Feed mainly targets broadleaf plants. Full weed control you will want to wait a few more weeks and look for some type of preemergent to target those really pesky warm season weeds.

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    Never waste money on Weed & Feed.

    A lawn is either fed, or treated for weeds, The two dates will never meet.

    No matter where you live, apply a pre-emergent before the weeds, broad leaf and grassy, pop up. Ask your local garden center, NOT Home Depot or Lowe's, and they can advise on the correct time to apply.

    The company I work for depends on consumers applying the wrong products at the wrong time and giving up on lawn care. We have over 1 million customers who have realized it is less expensive to pay a professional service to do work correctly.

    Now go drink a beer and relax.

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    specific, DO be conscious the Weed and Feed.........the weeds you pulled are those you will locate......others will pop up over here few weeks......Weed/Feed will help with the grass enhance and the filling of the holes you probably did bypass away....will additionally act on the dormant weed seeds and stop their becoming...... stable success and shop the weed-puller reachable as you could additionally see the strange weed pop up even after utilising the weed/feed because it somewhat is not an on the spot scientific care-all----takes time....... for my area, I walk around my backyard in simple terms until now reducing and cutout/pull any seen weed enhance (roots and all)...Then decrease/compost the grass.... Later in the summer season early June while reducing I bypass away the cuttings on the backyard to mulch and grant organic fertilizer through fact the grass breaks down...

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    Don't fertilize before a soaking rain, a light rain is the best.

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    Follow package instructions.

    When the Forsythisa bloom in your area.

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    well how when

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