worried...please help?

Could this have been implantation bleeding...Pregnant?

I had my period the first week of this month, BUT it was two weeks early. (I'm always the same every month) Right around that time I was having serverly sore breasts. To the point I couldnt even touch them.

I am now having A LOT of white discharge for the last 4 days and very horny (sorry tmi) and the past two days I've had some cramping. I've been sleeping a lot, but I've also been sick.

I think its too early to take a test (I have one) and I'm unemployed so I dont have a lot of money to go buy more.

Not thinking that I could be pregnant I've been drinking alcohol with my friends a little bit lately and that's why I'm worried...IF I am pregnant, could I have harmed the fetus by drinking when its this early? Of course I'm NOT drinking anymore, I would never want to harm my baby...

I'm 25 and def want a child, so I would be really happy! :-))

So, do you think I AM prengnant and if so have I harmed the fetus? Thanks everyone!


Also, I think my stool has been a lot darker than usual and I have some gas...

Update 2:

just to clear this up, I've been sick with a cold (coughing, runny nose and sneezing)...not nauses sick

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    ok, let me try and answer all your questions. :P

    i think implantation bleeding is only for a short amount of time. i mean short as in minutes or less. i didnt have implantation bleeding at all, i do believe when i got pregnant with my daughter. so it probably wasnt that, but could be. some women still get their periods when they are pregnant. so dont rule it out already. :)

    Sore breasts, discharge, cramping... its all symptoms of pregnancy, but also symptoms of you about to menstrate. So you cant really go by the symptoms to see if you are pregnant. Your mind could also be playing tricks on you. But who knows.

    The drinking... umm... it COULD have harmed the fetus, if there's one there. BUT, dont worry too much. It could have not. Try not to stress about it bc that could also cause complications. I took ibuprofen (and i mean A LOT, which you arent supposed to take at all during pregnancy, just tylenol) at the beginning of my pregnancy bc i thought i was gonna start my period and i hated cramps, and to the best of my knowledge, my daughter is very much ok. :) just dont drink anymore alcohol till you know for sure. And if you are pregnant, and you see a doctor, let him/her know you drank in the beginning... just to be cautious. :)

    I'm not sure what dark stools has anything to do with this LOL but ok! :D im sorry to hear they're dark. my iron pills do that to me. and the gas. ugh. i gotta be on stool softners bc the iron pills constipate me and i get a lot of gas. :(

    Umm, just bc you're not nauseous, doesnt mean you're not pregnant. you may be lucky and not get morning sickness or... it just hasnt come yet. MORNING SICKNESS SUCKS! i had it HORRIBLE! ugh, im happy thats done. LOL.

    What you should do, so you dont waste your test is... wait till your next period is supposed to come around and sometime that week, test. You can test up to 5 days BEFORE your missed period and get an accurate result. So... i would wait just a tad bit longer (even tho i know its gonna kill you) :P

    They have $1 tests at dollar tree if you could spare a dollar. Just so you could test now, if you really wanted and get another one. LOL. They work just as good. I should know. Hehe.

    Good luck and congrats! Hope i helped some!

    Source(s): 32 weeks with a baby girl :D
  • Hey :)

    You should go to your doctor, they can do a blood test early to confirm!

    I would say it definately sounds like you could be hun!!

    Good luck xxxx

    Source(s): 25w+3d pregnant..... It's a GIRL!!! xxx
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    I had the same problem with my breasts. Now, only around and my actual nipples hurt.

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