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Why don't cops wear bullet proof body armor from head to toe?

The only way that i would be a cop is if they invented a bullet proof body armored suit, we can put a man on the moon but why don't they make bazooka proof body armor for the cops can be safer?

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    They already have such a suit. It is called a bomb squad or bomb disposal suit. The suit is extremely tough, but you move at a snails pace and your range of motion is extremely limited.

    The suit costs about $20,000 and weighs about 26 kgs that's about 60 lbs. Add the helmet, cooling system and all the other bells and whistles and the suit weighs about 40 - 50 kg, or about 100 - 120 lbs.

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    First of all, we already add a good 20lbs with the gear we have now. Having that much body armor would really get in the way! It would be very difficult for us to chase someone and can you imagine how hot it would be! The vests we wear now are very hot, so having it cover us all over would be even worse. It would not be at all practical.

    You wouldn't do it without, that is why we are here, because we will!

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    It is difficult enough to do routine duties while wearing my vest. Add the extra weight of the duty belt and it becomes a much heavier load to carry. Try adding an extra 10 pounds on you then run just a few blocks and simulate arresting someone. Trust me, it is not like what you see on television or the movies.

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    You know how we could really make sure cops are safe? We could put everyone in jail like they want. That way the streets would be safe for police.

    What a joke? Do you feel safe when a cop is behind you of threatened. Exactly. We would all be better off if cops werent the hard-on wanna be army rangers that they are. Take away all their guns and armor this isnt f**king Iraq

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    Perhaps when they come out with a type that is not so heavy and difficult to move when wearing they will....Ask the military that has had to wear them.

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    It would be totally unpractical. The suit would not allow a good range of motion and would be hot as hades.

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    The technology isn't advanced enough to make that sort of clothing that would also be light enough to be practical for full-time usage in all climates.

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    Before you ask that question, think about how heavy that would be to wear under your clothes.

    Source(s): brother in law an officer and just the vest alone is heavy and in the summer its very very warm to wear in the heat
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    they dont do it because it would cost too much money. The same goes for why they dont put soldiers in full body amor or give them better protection. It would cost way too much money and the government doesnt feel like the lives are worth it.

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