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Dear Sirs:

My name is OOO,30 years old. I live in Taipei

I graduated from the KUAS(2-year junior college program) department of mechanical engineering in 1997.And graduated from the NTUT(2-year senior college program) department of materials engineering ,let me have the mechanical and electrical institute background.這一段強調具有機電學院跟工程學院的背景

After my national service I have join OOO Technology, there are nearly 3 years in all, under the leader's guidance and personal efforts, let me have abundant experience and technical ability to injection molded polystyrene, the specialty in injection machine of Sumitomo and MIKI.

I serve as the equipment engineer of AMHS now, the time of the service has already had more than 4 years in OOO Technology, responsibile to find the factors resulting in inefficient transportation and propose suggestions to improve the transportation efficiency and maintain interbay system.

I have character that is easy going, enthusiastic.My hobbies are playing basketball, listening to the music, reading, and seeing movies with the friend. The individual character is prudent and conscientious

Your company has a good reputation in this industry with good welfare system and I hope to have the honor to be part your team in the company. I am look forward to your reply soon. Many Thanks.

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    My name is ooo, 30 years old, and I live in Taipei.

    I graduated from KUAS (the去掉), a 2-year junior college, majoring in mechanical enginneering in 1997. Then attended NTUT, a 2-year senior colege program, majoring in materials engineering. These educational discipline had helped me develop a strong mechanical and electrical engineering background.

    After completed military service, I joined ooo Technology for about 3 years. Under the leader's guidance and with my personal efforts, I gained a lot of experience and learned the skill of injecting molded polystyrene, the speciality in injection machine of Sumitomo and MIKI.

    I am serving as equipment engineer at AMHS now. I have been responsible for similar tasks, find factors resulting in inefficient transportation, provide suggestions to improve the efficiencey, and maintain interbay system, for more than 4 years ever since I started to work in OOO Technology.

    I am an easy-going and enthusiastic person. Also, prudent and conscientious are my characteristics. My hobbies include playing basketball, listening to the music, reading, and seeing movies with friends.

    Your company has good reputation in the industry and is well-known for the good welfare system. I am hoping that I have the honor to be part of your team in the company. I am looking forward to your response soon. Thank you very much.

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