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    According to Intellectual Property Office, European Union agreed legally to protect the trade mark products. By market survey, 40% consumers will pay 10% higher for quality guaranteed products and after trade mark register, the quality’s steadily improved to raise up its additional value.European Union, under World Trade Organization, promote global trade mark principles;now, furthermore, releases the opportunities to register trade mark of the non-member countries. In future, Taiwan maker may register trade mark in the target market. Besides getting the trade mark protection, it leads Taiwan brands to international market, highlighting Taiwan tea business, and creating Taiwan tea trading opportunities.

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    According to the Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Office said that the EU has passed legislation to protect geographical indications Product, according to market survey shows that 40% of consumers are willing to spend 10% of the purchase price with quality assurance products, and register geographical indications, the quality and stability upgrade will enhance the value-added products.

    The EU at the World Trade Organization framework, the full implementation of global norms in the protection of geographical indications, and now more open to non-EU Member States the opportunity to register geographical indications, the future of Taiwan tea may register at the target market of foreign geographical indications, and achieved the protection of geographical indications, but also Taiwan's brands into the international market, improve the visibility of Taiwan's tea industry, the creation of the tea trade opportunities.


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