How much will i be the conversion rate charged by PayPal if I purchase an item from USA?

Hi. I need to purchase an item in . I live in India. I ahve HSBC credit card. If the price of the item is $60 how much will I be the Rupees to Dollar conversion rate charged by PayPal and Will I be charged any additional service tax and service charge if I purchase an item through my credit card? Right now the curency conversion rate is 50.56. Will the conversion rate will be the same or higher?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Daniel its according to where you live I always thought you lived in the USA

    Well on E-Bay there is a table of exchange rates you will find it if you put the words exchange rate in the box where you write the things you are searching for

    Me being in Australia has to pay quite a lot extra for anything I buy from the states so check before you buy and let me know where you live

    p.s. any bank will tell you the exchange rate rupees are in India am I right anyway if the rate is 50.56 it will be the same I am sure

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