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Best way to become a NHL Scout?

Hi, I would like to be a NHL scout someday and I am curious how can I become one? I have heard of the website(below) and I also wanna know how good is the course? Is it worth it and will it help me pave the road to the NHL?

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    No team in the NHL has hired an employee (management or scout) from that program. Two former NHL scouts (both fired from their NHL jobs) provided the hockey content of that program at one time (and still may)

    There are currently 286 scouts employed by NHL teams

    73 are professional scouts

    213 are amateur scouts

    265 of these scounts played competitive hockey in North America or Europe (junior/college/NHL/Europe).

    Let's Look at the Detroit Red Wings as an example

    Mark Howe is the Director of Pro Scouting, he played in the NHL and WHA

    Pat Verbeek is a pro scout, Eastern Conference, played in the NHL

    Glenn Merkosky is a pro scout, Western Conference, played in the NHL

    Joseph McDonnell is the Director of Amateur scouting, he played in the NHL (and was a head coach for the Kitchener Rangers)

    Bruce Haralson is an amateur scout and played Canadian University hockey

    Mark Leach is an amateur scout and played NCAA Division I (SLU) in the early 80s ands was an assistant coach with the Michigan State Spartans

    David Kolb is an amateur scout and a former high school hockey player and coach in Wisconsin

    Hakan Andersson is the Director of European scouting, and played briefly in the Swedish juniors before getting a knee injury.

    Evgeni Erfilov played competitive hockey in Russia as a junior aged player...then disappeared

    Ari Vouri is a European scout who played low level professional hockey in Finland for 2-3 years

    Most teams have similar scouting lineups, primarily former professional and amateur players who have been through the systems they are scouting (Most scouts in the Canadian junior leagues played junior, most professional scouts played in the NHL or the minors, etc)

    Source(s): Retired NHL scout (30+ years)
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