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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesBooks & Authors · 1 decade ago

What are 10 literary elements for Romeo and Juliet Act 5?

please include the line number also. thank you!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. It comes after Act 4 (also known as a "prologue to act 4").

    2. It comes before Act 6 (also known as a "epilogue to act 6").

    3. Leonardo DiCaprio played one of the main characters (I forget which one) in a movie by that guy that also directed Disney's animated feature Mulan rouge. This is a technique called "typecasting."

    4. Romeo kills Tybalt in a soliloquy.

    5. Juliet uses the metaphor "to be or not to be" before she dies.

    6. There is a big musical number which ends when Romeo holds up Yorrick's skull and proclaims "My kingdom for a hoarse!" in a cruel jape at the strep throat that killed Yorrick in Act III. Scholars believe this to be one of the world's first "puns."

    7. Right before the death scenes is the world's first on-stage pie fight, a technique Marlowe was working on with bread pudding, but that Shakespeare perfected first.

    8. There's a very distinct reference to Elizabethan era popular culture (a pop culture reference if you will) in line 214.

    9. Puck delivers a "prologue" before the act begins, a technique common in literature such as Twilight (where Bella serves the role of the wicked imp).

    10. Juliet is an anagram for a female body part and Romeo doesn't figure it out until the monk explains the birds and the bees to him in what's known in literary circles as an "allegorical fable."

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