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Where can you buy a power converter in Dubai/Sharjah so that I can charge cameras/phones from US?

Going to Dubai from the U.S. Need to charge my camera, cell phone, and ipod. where can i buy a power converter for this?

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    Dude simply just go to ACE hardware or sharaf DG, remember those names, there are 2 locations for ACE and Sharaj DG is all around the city, tell them about the converter and they should have it, regarding the volts they can adjust that to the power you want it. i bought an xbox from the states and ive been using it since 2006 with the same converter i got from ACE. so no worries.. you can also find it in hyper markets too it shouldn't be a problem really. some hotels have 100~120 volts connections too, anyways that's not a hard thing to find really. enjoy your stay :)

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    first check the labels on the the ac adapters fro these devices you have, for any that says Auto-voltage or ~220/230 volts it will not need a converter (except may be for the plug adapter but that is easy to get).

    For those that don't it is better to just buy a replacement 220 v adapter for each rather than a transformer (step-down converter :which is much heavier, larger, and more expensive).

    Your cellphone needs to be a GSM triband (not PCS) if you bought it in US otherwise it will not work (no reception) on the GSM network in UAE. (and most of the world)

    For the camera it depends on the brand, because these use propriety connectors. Simply contact the local dealer for this Camera brand and they should have replacement adapters for sale. Of course the original battery will still work with the new AC adapter. In the rare case your camera takes standard round power adapters , you can simply use any adapter which matches the voltage/current requirement for it. Same goes for iPod.

    You can of course find all these in retail stores everywhere , or from specialized outlets like Cellucom, Axiom, RadioShack, Telefonica etc.

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    Step Down Transformer Dubai

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